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Mini Minute Episode 6: Meet Healing Ranger’s Skills – Droidcops

In episode number six of MiniMinuete, a space in which updates of the video game are shared, they gave us a glimpse of what Healing Ranger will be. This time around, he mainly focused on the healing mode that the character offers. In addition, they shared the version of it with one, two and three stars, as well as the improvements that each one of them presents.

Now, Healing Ranger has a basic ability, this is aimed at the healing by means of a spear. The character throws the object and with it increases the health of his friends and allies. The same happens when he acquires the second star, however, in this case the area covered by his spear will be much wider. That is, it can provide healing and therefore increase the health of more than one ally.

In this sense, when talking about the third star in Healing Ranger, we will be talking about speed and healing. As shared in MiniMinuete, the character will have the ability to increase the attack speed of your allies. You help them in their confrontation, of course, as long as they have the third star. For its part, in the video there was also a time for questions and answers. Among them, the followers asked about the trophy system and what makes the troops unique. In the first answer we were told about the challenge coins while in the second it was specified that the three stars make the troop unique.

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