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Mini Minute Episode 5: Clash Mini Team Answers – Droidcops

In its last mini minute entitled “you ask and we answer”, the creators, designers and programmers of the Clash Mini will join together. This time, through a video shared on their official YouTube channel clarified some of the questions made by fans of the video game. Among them arose some associated with new characters, the unlocking of stars and how Clash Mini is improving.

First, they asked Andy, the game’s designer, how many units of Clash Mini he has designed so far. His answer at first was “zero”, but later he mentioned that he was assigned only one, which indicates that he has worked on only one unit. The following question from the followers of Clash Mini is associated with a campaign by Supercell for the video game, will there be any? On this occasion one of the game’s artists answered, Didi mentioned that “probably yes”. However, he clarified that will happen when Clash Mini becomes world-class cool.

On the other hand, a question was presented regarding a possible character of Reina Arquera, could it happen? Although the answer given was a “sure yes”, it is not known for sure, we will be sure of it when we finally see it. Now, in general, through Twitter, many followers of the game ask “when is it better” and not “how is it better”. Given this, they wanted us to understand that little by little it improves “Every day it improves much more”. Finally, does the level of damage dealt increase when unlocking a star? Not quite, although skills do improve. Will there be more skins? Of course yes.

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