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Mini Minute: Discover the hero levels, the Shield Maiden character and the new skins – Droidcops

In the last Mini Minute shared by the official Clash Mini Twitter account, they present us with interesting news about the video game. As indicated in its title, they tell us about the hero levels, the Shield Maiden character and of course, about the skins. First of all, through the clip, the manager of the Clash Mini announces that the “hero levels” will go up to ten. On the other hand, in the important milestones for the heroes, that is, levels 5 and 10, they acquire new abilities.

In this sense, it is important to mention that we were also told about the beta version of the video game. In this case, for the update, the creators and developers of Clash Mini have planned to launch a five-hero launch. They will be quite familiar to the followers of the video game, then, they will resemble the character of the King and the queen, coming to seem relatives. Regarding this, they may later show it through a clip.

Now, as for the Shield Maiden character, she is described as a one-of-a-kind heroine. Among the abilities it includes, there is one that allows it to reflect the enemy’s damage. At level 5 it will deal damage to the enemy, while at level 10 will be able to increase his energy every time he finishes with an enemy. Finally, when talking about the Skins, we were told that there will be both for the Minis and for the heroes.

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