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Miner and Giant Skeleton Combo: Learn How to Use It – Droidcops

A few days ago the creators of Clash Mini shared with their followers many more news regarding the video game. This time they told us about the Miner and the Giant Skeleton. They brought us a short clip in which we see these two characters in action. In addition, the text that accompanied the publication described the Miner as a clandestine character who attacks from behindYou go to enemy lines. For its part, the character of the Giant Skeleton has the characteristic that it produces a great boom for its enemies, that is, it generates a KO.

Now, specifically in the clip we are taught an effective way to use the Giant Skeleton with the Miner. First, we visualize how the line of attack is formed, which includes, in addition to the Miner, the Giant Skeleton. After that we see how the action starts, the Miner moves across the ground to the rear of the enemy and once there, his attack begins.

We also see how the Giant Skeleton explosion, this one, is executed once it is completely defeated. This character attacks his opponents until his health level is totally eliminated. This is when it explodes, causing damage to the enemies around it.

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