Microsoft Perbaiki Bug Baterai Windows 11 Yang Melebihi 100 Persen

Microsoft Fixes Windows 11 Battery Bug That Is Over 100 Percent

Droidcops.COMIf your device has been upgraded to Windows 11 and sometimes the battery capacity status of your device shows a number that exceeds 100%, then you are not alone with this bug. Previously, had also reported this problem some time ago, and it looks like a fix is ​​already available.

Some previous users experienced a strange glitch that they both experienced, where Windows 11 claimed that the device’s battery capacity was higher than 100%, as if the battery was getting extra power.

Of course, this isn’t really accurate, and it’s all due to a bug in Windows 11, which Microsoft has posted a fix for in the latest Preview Build.

Windows 11 Build 22523, which is the latest Preview Build, has been sent by Microsoft to users who are members of the Windows Insider program, which is considered capable of fixing the annoying bug. However, since it is still in preview, this fix will not be available in the public version yet.

“The battery icon will no longer show a percentage above 100%,” Microsoft explained in a release note regarding the bug fix.

At the same time, Microsoft is also bringing out fixes for several other issues in Windows 11, including those in the Settings app.

Microsoft is working on continuing the transition from the old Control Panel to the new Settings app. So it’s very important for Microsoft to make the new app work as smoothly as possible. That’s why the last few Preview Builds came with added polish for the Settings app.

“The content on the Settings page should no longer be clipped from the side of the window when making the Settings window smaller. Settings should no longer crash sporadically when opening combo boxes, affecting certain settings such as the ability to set custom click actions for the pen.

Addresses an issue where the “Add Devices” option in Bluetooth & Devices crashes silently when trying to connect a new Bluetooth device. Added a number of keywords to make the Voice Access feature appear in the search results settings,” said Microsoft.

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