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Meet Archer’s particular attack – Droidcops

This July 30 through twitter we were given a glimpse of what will be Clash Mini. This time through the mini gameplay, we are given a bigger picture of what will be Archer. It can also be seen in a superficial way what the Knight and Barbking will be.

The creators decided to test the observation skills of the fans of the video game. Through the publication, we are mentioned the specific attack that the archer will have, however, no further details are provided.

On the other hand, Knight’s character looks promising Through the gameplay, even, due to its cost, everything indicates that it will have good features. For example, in the clip you can see how after loading your ulti you get a protection shield. In the case of the Barbking, charging his ult appears to increase his damage capacity and speed.

What is Archer’s specific attack?

After analyzing the clip shared on twitter, two conclusions can be drawn. One of them points out that Archer gives attack priority to the enemy that is further away. However, it could also be that he chooses to attack the enemy with the lowest health first. These two possibilities are almost evident, however, it is difficult through a single video to discover what characterizes Archer’s special attack.

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