MariSilicon X Terobosan Baru Oppo Pada Chipset Fotografi Smartphone

MariSilicon X, Oppo’s New Breakthrough in Smartphone Photography Chipset

Droidcops.COMOppo, one of the Top 3 smartphone brands from China, is trying to fill the void left by Huawei. Recently, they claimed to have succeeded in making a chip specifically designed for smartphone photography, which is capable of producing sharp and captivating images. They also claim that this is the first chipset for smartphone photography class.

Yesterday, Oppo revealed the MariSilicon, which is said to be able to process RAW images in real-time, which is a raw format storage that contains important information and usually requires quite a lot of power to handle. This is a breakthrough from other smartphones that first have to compress the captured image before applying AI to provide filters and improve image quality, which saves time but sacrifices quality.

Its 6-nanometer part, manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., is capable of 20 times faster performance and halves power consumption for some given tasks, compared to Oppo’s previous high-end smartphones. This chipset is said to be making its debut with the flagship smartphone Find X, which will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

Now Oppo has joined many other Chinese companies exploring advances in semiconductor technology, at a time when the Chinese government is driving the growth of the domestic chip industry.

Oppo hopes that this chipset will be able to lead the company to be able to compete with Xiaomi and Vivo, to become a leader in China, because now Huawei has left the smartphone market in the country due to sanctions from the United States government.

The manufacture of custom silicon has now become a major battlefield, particularly among smartphone manufacturers, with Vivo having previously launched their own V1 image processor this year, after Apple created a template with their own chip as well in its A series.

Video and image quality is considered very important for users when choosing a smartphone device, and this has become a trend. Oppo says that its MariSilicon X is capable of producing 4K night video with the help of AI and high dynamic range, as well as applying image enhancements normally seen in stills to motion pictures.

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