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Lords Mobile, a strategy game with which you will go from battle to battle, until your kingdom dominates all the others. There are many objectives that you must achieve to go up from level to level. Follow some tips that will teach you how to play like a pro.

Professional tips and tricks Lords Mobile

In Lords Mobile, you must create your own kingdom, as well as build buildings and create large troops to fight against your enemies. This guide shows you how to get heroes in Lords Mobile and the best way to improve their level so that they are unbeatable. This way you will enjoy the game even more, as there is no fun in having your castle demolished, and less so if you have advanced so far.

Follow the tricks that we will leave here, and become a professional playing Lords Mobile.

Tricks to play how to play like a pro

To play like a pro, you must perform endless activities in order to advance quickly from one level to another.

Follow these tricks and you will be a professional when playing Lords Mobile:

Unlock heroes

To unlock heroes, you must advance naturally in campaign mode, going through different dungeons and fighting with countless monsters. At the end of these, you will meet a boss, which unlocks a different hero related to the story.

There is another way to get it, just look at the screen, in the upper right. There you will find a helmet icon with a question mark, when entering, 10 locked heroes will appear. To unlock them you must join the 10 pieces that each one asks of you. This is a long and tedious process, since the pieces are drops that the defeated enemies drop in different missions.

Unlock Lords Mobile Heroes

Level up the heroes

Once the heroes are unlocked, it’s time to level up. Choose a hero with whom you are going to work and introduce him to the main team to carry out missions. Missions are not part of the story, but they are fundamental because they give you even more experience. It is recommended that you start with the secondary and daily missions.

In the menu appears the experience that each mission gives you, you must choose the one that gives you the most experience, so that time does not spread. As you complete the missions, you level up your heroes, and acquire new stats and abilities..

Lords Mobile mission rewards
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Find materials

This is an activity essential to be a good leader and equip your heroes correctly. You may find materials in the administration, collecting and in the guild missions, however they are only basic materials.

Special materials are awarded by monsters and special game packs. On the other hand, the gem chests of the marketor, they generally have standard materials, so they are not totally recommended.

Each resource box drops different materials, the higher the level of the resource, the better chances you have of finding items and materials of excellent quality. Some of the materials you can find are:

  • Rocks: Amber, copper copper, mud lava, platinum
  • Woods: Ancient bark, feather, records.
  • Rich vein: Coal, metal, minerals.
  • Country: Leather skin, linen, vines.

find materials lords mobile


By attacking monsters you will be able to obtain special materials. There are many events with a specific duration that will grant you unique materials, ideal for upgrading buildings or your equipment. Some of the materials that make this possible are:

  • Mecha trojans: Ancient Blueprints, rusty horseshoe
  • Snow beast: Horns of the beast, blood beast, leg of the beast, festive bell
  • Sabrefang: Blood Sucker, Prehistoric Skin, Saber Tooth, Wild Claw
  • Noceros: Chopped chifre, crackling hide, electric horn
  • Noceros Hi: Lightning Vial
  • Mega maggot: Corrosive Toxin, Wormtail, Maggot Teeth, Mega Barb, Mega Egg-Sac
  • Grim reapers: Corrupted soul, cursed skull, ghostly shadow, terrorwing
  • Blackwings: Crusty Horn, fossilized egg, glowing eyes, slimy scale
  • Hell driders: Devil horn, metal waste, mutated brain, smoldering core
  • Frostwing: Frostwing Claw, Frostwing Heart, Frostwing Horn, Frostwing Scale,
  • Gargantua: Gargantua eye, gargantua fang, gargantua locks, iron studs, tattooed skin
  • Gryphon: Gryphon core, gryphon egg, griphon quill
  • Terrorthorn: Honey Jar, Terrorthon Seed, Terror Pollen, Terrorteeh, Terrorvine,
  • Jade Wyrm: Jade orb, wyrm gut, wyrm horn, wyrm scales, wyrm spine
  • Mech troya: Oily spring

monster domain - lords mobile

Buy materials from the store

Some materials must be purchased directly in packs in the store. Sometimes these are not available in the game at all, therefore you will have to go through the box to acquire them. It is advisable that you wait for the moment in which they make sales so that you save a good handful of gold. These materials are:

  • Champions Pack: Adamant plate, Crimson main, veil of veroic.a
  • Hunter: Aged leather, heat ore, rusted chain.
  • Champion Pack: Aurichalcum, crytal silk.
  • Hunter packs: Hunter`s flame.

mission lords mobile

Tips for playing Lords Mobile like a pro

Follow these helpful tips and enjoy the game to the fullest, progressing rapidly from level to level.

He constructs buildings

To advance in the game, it is necessary to construct buildings, which you must maintain and improve whenever possible. Some of the most vital buildings in the game are:

  • Castle: it is undoubtedly the most important since it allows you to have high-level improvements and enjoy extra advantages.
  • Store: A place where you can store your resources and keep them out of reach of raiders.
  • Farm: Essential to feed the armies and the population. In addition, it will also serve to train troops and conduct research.
  • Quarry and sawmill: To accumulate stone and wood resources, which are used to build other buildings and improve them quickly.
  • Barracks: To produce soldiers, who are critical to the protection of the kingdom.

It should be noted that there are buildings with extra requirements, which change depending on the level.

How to play like a pro lords mobile - build

Collect resources

Very useful for the construction, research and even the training of troops and buy those necessary to manage the base and the army. The main source of resources are the production buildings such as the sawmill or the quarry. These resources are required for each of the missions.

Another way is collecting chests, carrying out missions and receiving the help of other players.

Collect resources Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile Guide: How To Play Like A Pro - Droidcops 25

Prepare to fight

Lords Mobile allows you to have battles with millions of opponents, player against player. For this reason it is of great importance to prepare to defend the kingdom from sieges and looting. When it comes to fighting, you have to be smart, because all the topas are not useful. In order to win fights, the main thing is the rock-paper-scissors rule, in which:

  • Infantry beat rank.
  • Rank defeats cavalry.
  • Cavalry defeats infantry.

Siege Troops Are Useful Against Walls, but they show weakness against the rest of the troops. For this reason, it is advisable to carry a balanced army adjusted according to the rival. On the other hand, it is essential to train the troops to level them up.

  • The troops of the level 2 are 100% better than level 1.
  • Troops of the level 3 are 50% better than level 2.
  • The troops of the level 4 are 50% better than level 3.

It is important to mention that To unlock these levels, it is necessary to have an academy level at 9, 17 and 25 respectively.

Lords Mobile Guide: How To Play Like A Pro - Droidcops 26

Recruit heroes

Heroes are considered the special unit that defends or attacks opposing kingdoms against our army. Is very useful, take different characters to have different options at hand. The more heroes you have, the stronger you will be and you can better help the guild.

These heroes must be equipped with the best armor and effective weaponry. In order to complete events, missions, sieges and monster hunting, you will get the equipment.

best heroes Lords Mobile

Join forces

Upon reaching a specific level, you will be able to enter a guild or create your own. Joining other players under a single banner is quite advantageous. Whenever an ally is assisted, Guild Coins are earned, which can be used to buy VIP points or any other useful item.

Something important to be an excellent player is to consider each of these tips, and know when to apply what you have learned. Last but not least, it is clear that teamwork is ideal for great benefits.


You have enough information to play Lords Mobile like a professional. We invite you to follow our website where we will give you advice, recommendations and we will teach you the secrets of your favorite games.

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