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Lords Mobile cheats: 10 tips that will help you win

Meet some Lords Mobile cheats It is a priority to be able to have an advantage against a large group of competitors who have only one goal in mind: to win. And it is that a game of strategies deserves it, because if you advance level by level, overcoming obstacles after obstacles, the road can be long and tortuous.

cheats lords mobile
Lords Mobile cheats: 10 tips that will help you win 24

In this article We are going to summarize the best tricks of Lords Mobile so that you win all your battles. To start with, you can use the following codes to help you achieve certain skills during the game.

Active codes for Lords Mobile

These codes for Lords Mobile They are freely available on the Internet and players assure that they are very useful to receive actions and extra rewards:

Action Code
Level up 5MIobf
Gem crystal KyKDUi
Gold coins U2p0Ju
Shield (24 hours) 7UUm2y
Unlimited resources hXsU6r

We are not really very much in favor of using codes, but we leave you to make your own decision.

Can redeem Lords Mobile codes from here entering your IGG ID, as well as the code that we specify above. With this, you can benefit from the reward.

Redeem Lords Mobile codes
Lords Mobile official website where codes are redeemed.

Top 10 cheats for Lords Mobile

Now, there are many tricks that we support 100% and that will turn your gaming experience in more than incredible. Let’s see some.

Know all types of buildings

In the game you will find a total of 23 different buildings. Each one, of course, has its own goal. They are as follows:

  • Castle: Without a doubt, the Castle is the most important structure in the game because it will be in charge of giving us everything we need to unlock new buildings, aid, soldiers, heroes. Plan a strategy around the castle because it is the most important structure.
  • Nursing: When a soldier falls in combat you must recover his health in the infirmary.
  • Workshop: In the workshop you can forge all the armor that your heroes need.
  • Barracks: The barracks will make it much easier for us to train our soldiers and therefore, the better prepared we will be for battle.
  • Mine: It allows to produce mineral and deposit it.
  • Quarry: It allows us to produce stone and we can store it.
  • Sawmill: Produces wood and allows it to be preserved.
  • Farm: Our food producer will come from here.
  • Store: All the remaining resources can be stored here.
  • Mansion: With the mansion we will produce gold and we will be able to store it, it will also allow us to speed up the use of the barracks.
  • Academy: We will be able to develop new technologies here.
  • Wall: Our defense structure will allow us to defend ourselves against enemies and will protect our soldiers.
  • Trading Post: The building that will allow us to transfer materials with another player.
  • Prison: We can capture the enemy troops and imprison them here.
  • Combat hall: Our building to coordinate attacks with friends or allies.
  • Watchtower: It will constantly inform us of the movements of the enemy and allies, it also allows us to make explorations to discover the map.
  • Altar: When executing enemy leaders we will obtain temporary power-ups.
  • Bank: Here you can buy items that are temporarily out
  • Embassy: Structure created to receive troops and store them here.
  • Coliseum: In this structure you can earn gems with the heroes.
  • Hostel: Our troops rest here while you are not watching the game.
  • Hero Stages: In this building you will be able to acquire the heroes for your battles.
  • Treasure chamber: Allows you to save your gems and get a profit from them.

Rank Jeweled Cavalry

This trick is simply to give your opponent a wrong vision and, when attacking, change the equipment and place your advanced jewels.

If you have been playing for a long time Lords mobile you will know that the attacks that are made on a large scale are made with an activated anti-scout. What you have to do is have a spare team, so to speak, and have it ready to radically change the attack.

The success of this trick will depend on your naturalness and the strategies that you use, the idea is that the opponent is convinced that your alignment is the definitive one. Obviously, when the time comes, you replace her and your chances of winning will increase.

Another aspect to consider is that you must place the high-level jewels in a cavalry team. Of course, you need to be patient because you have to group the jewelry, but confusing your enemy will be worth the effort.

battle lords mobile

Collect all the resources you can

Many players lose great opportunities because they don’t manage their resources, and this they pay with blood at the least expected moment. For this reason, you have to give the resources the value they have.

You know what Without them it is impossible to build, train troops and buy everything you will need to arm your army to the teeths. So why do you waste them? Part of your strategy is learning to manage resources.

The game is packed with missions and it is a shame that due to lack of maneuver you have to use vital resources to reach a new level. It is better at chances to have a loss than to waste on something that is unlikely to change the game.

Thus, the trick is to collect and collect all the resources you have. As well as saving gold, and looking for a way to earn more gems. In due course, you will be able to give it the correct use and you will remember this advice that we have just given you.

You have in your hands the possibility of having the best armies, there are no reasons to waste them. Many players in the world have taken this advice in time, and today they are the best on the web.

cheats lords mobile

Heal and attack

Many players have chosen this strategy with great success. What’s more, the first to use them are at a higher battle level, and just using logic has come to light considered one of the most infallible tricks.

The true intention of this trick is to send the wrong message:

I have no more troops.

It is very easy, we explain. Once the battle begins let the enemy take the lead and attack your troop. As this happens, lead the troops to the infirmary.

You should always leave your hero open by showing his face. If your troop is less than 40,000 warriors, this trick will be perfect. Your soldiers will be in recovery for a few hours. Do not rush. When you have your troops in the infirmary, you will remove the anti-scout and then move next to a hive.

The moment someone is about to attack you, you take out your healed and renewed troop and you are sure to win. With this trick you will take your opponent out of focus.

Lords Mobile Cheats
Lords Mobile cheats: 10 tips that will help you win 25

Don’t go to the colosseum if you’re not prepared

While the Colosseum is an arena where players can take advantage of their ranks, it is also a double-edged sword if they fail.

When a player falls on a list of failed attempts, You have to work hard to get out of those positions., and therefore the possibility of winning gems. One of the tricks is to see and analyze all the groups of heroes that go to battles. If you have the opportunity, determine the actions of your opponents and examine their possibilities.

Never go into battle without seeing the squad you are up against. This more than a trick is a recommendation that will serve you well at the time.

Lords Mobile cheats: 10 tips that will help you win 26

Activate notifications

We know that Lords Mobile fever is highly addictive, but you must continue with daily activities. If you are one of those who go to study or work and in their spare time they take their phone and follow the game of strategies, you must activate the notifications.

When notifications are activated somehow you don’t miss anything and you are going to keep up with the events. In addition, this allows you to resume the game and continue without having to evaluate the previous events.

Activate your notifications! Do not miss anything …

Learn to take advantage of the maze

Inside the labyrinth you can find a lot of gold. Yes, it is true, the maze is a nightmare! But it has its advantages, and gold production is one of them. By getting 1,000 Holy Stars or more, you might get a lot of gold.

Imagine having 40,000 gold coins. You will be able to buy many gems. And you know that a lot of gems means having a better chance of advancing and winning.

Block your opponents

The players of Lords mobile They know that there is always a recurring enemy, that player who attacks and attacks you, overturning your patience. If this is your case, we are going to give you an option so that you can continue on your way without that big rock that prevents you from moving forward.

What you should do is block it. It is better to remove it from your play and continue accepting new challenges. It is not about giving up or not taking on challenges but about acquiring more experiences by eliminating that player who does not let you level up from your path.

Over time you can unlock it and return to battle with everything you have learned. You can block the players you want in the settings menu, under the “blocked” button.

Thinking of opening more than one account?

If you have thought about it, many of your opponents have also done it, and it is not penalized as long as you attend to all the accounts. Of course, you are going to leave the one you prefer at the top of your options and you are going to work it the right way.

This gives you the advantage of having alternate accounts and building much larger armies. In fact, these cheats are for some players less expensive because you are going to use all the resources of each troop.

At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to create your own empire and you will have your enemy on the sidelines throughout the game.

Redeem your gift codes

The Gift codes allow you to collect more instruments without much effort. In fact, many of these codes come when you need them most and can give you the tools to win battles or aid you in attacks.

Of course, the recommendation is to do it as quickly as possible and not let too many days go by, since some of these codes expire after a few days. This means that you will have to take advantage of them in the period in which they are active.

Use the rookie relocator

This is mostly for new players. This is very simple, you just have to follow the instructions given by the game itself and start your new legacy.

We have included them in the Lords Mobile Cheats because we thought it wise to give newbies a way to start getting involved in the game.

As you will see we have given you the best cheats Lords Mobile so you can play your game like an expert. In future installments we will give you more advice, so do not stop following our blog.

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