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Little Lords Mobile Monsters: List and Obtaining the Best

The war and strategy games like Lords Mobile are easy to play but to master it if it is something a bit complicated. This game has many buildings that you must build, dozens of heroes that you must recruit, and endless resources to use. If we add all the elements of said game, the Lords Mobile monster system, despite being striking, is in turn quite confusing.

One of the fundamental activities of Lords Mobile, in addition to gaining experience and increasing levels by improving the heroes, is monster hunt.

It should be noted that all the little monsters are not the same, therefore you must consider the characteristics of each one, in order to form the best team of heroes. Inquire about the vulnerabilities of each little monster in Lord Mobile.

Little Monsters Lords Mobile
Little Lords Mobile Monsters: List and Obtaining the Best 18

Lords Mobile Monster System

The little monsters are nothing more than wild creatures that are hunted for the valuable treasures they possess. This new monster system benefits players with the Goddess Athena, they will also have the ability to establish monster pacts and then turn them into monsters.

Cheer up! Train your little monsters and reach their full potential. Know and use their formidable skills to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

The Lords Mobile monsters have 3 important evolutionary stages, identified as young, adult and elderly. The only way to advance from one stage to the other is by using the runes. You can also use the gems to make it rise instantly.

These must be trained throughout the game so that they have many skills.

train monsters lords mobile
Little Lords Mobile Monsters: List and Obtaining the Best 19

How to unlock the monster system?

The little monster system combines 4 different buildingss. Constructions with which you can unlock your monsters.

In order to build the four buildings that make up the little monster system, it is necessary to complete battle 8. Once the battle is completed, the snowy terrain will be at your disposal for you to start recruiting monsters. The requirements to level up the buildings, depend only on the level of the castle and the domain of the monster.

When you have the buildings on your land, you are ready to use your monster system. But, remember to level up the buildings until you reach the maximum possible.

Mystical spire

It is the building in which you can join pacts and create skill stones. There are six different types of pact that you can join: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3 and 4. Each type of pact is made up of a specific group of relatives, which cannot be obtained through other types of pact.

This means, a little monster will always be exclusive to the pact. The union of the pacts requires that all the resources of the game be used and when completing said union, it will give you one of these items:

  • A new monsters.
  • A previously obtained rune of a monster.
  • One or more fragments.

The runes and shards, are very useful to improve in the domain of the monster.

In the mystical water building, skill stones can be created, which are mandatory to use attack skills. You need anima and ancient or chaos cores to create one of them.

It is advisable to have two mystical spiers to unite the greatest number of pacts at the same time. Furthermore, this allows you to create more skill stones at the same time.

mystical needle lords mobile


This building is the place where you can train your monsters so they can level up. You need to assign a specific number of heroes to help the little monster in its training. It is not mandatory to assign heroesHowever, it is recommended to obtain more experience.

It is important to have at least two of these buildings, as this way you can increase efficiency, because:

  • Only one monster can be trained per gym.
  • Using all the heroes on a single monster is less effective than using half.
  • You don’t need to go higher than level 20 with all the little monsters.

You must be attentive to training, as soon as one finishes, start with the next. Leveling up is the most important thing in this system.

lords mobile gym


This is the last building to be part of the monster system. Here anima is generated, a resource necessary for joining pacts, creating skill stones, and completing investigations. from the little monster branch.

It is recommended that you level up this building to the maximum possible level, and also that you have two of them. In this way you will generate souls more quickly, and you will obtain sufficient capacity to accumulate said resource. In case you run out of anima, take a look in your bag, there you can have a few packages of this great resource.

Monster domain

This is the building in which all the monsters that have been unlocked must stay. These by having them, you will not lose them, they will always be yours. Likewise, it is the place where you can use the available united pacts. These appear where the drawing of the dragon with the positive sign is in green.

This is a quick way to see the progress of your family members, and in the same way it alerts you who of them are training and ready to go up a level or stage. Therefore, you should be attentive to this building, and much more if you want to improve family members as soon as possible. If you want to improve them, the first step is to click on the desired character.

In the menu of the selected monster, you will see two important sections which are the basic tributes and abilities. In the basic attributes, you will see the first stage of the character, and you will notice that it is quite close to the rank of your heroes.

little monsters lords mobile


As for skills, they are the useful element of the Lords Mobile monster system.

Each of the characters have their own abilities, which allows them to increase their production and reduce construction times, among other things. They are classified into:

  • Production skillsn: These abilities enhance the production of food, anima and others. These are activated automatically just by owning a little monster.
  • De support: These are activated by clicking on the icon of the little monster that appears to the right of the territory map. Support skills grant power-ups to your territory.
  • Attack skills: Attack skills can be activated by clicking on enemy castles. They are ideal for weakening your target, and the best part is that they cannot be impeded by shields. It should be noted that the use of the attack ability does not activate battle fury, nor does it deactivate your shield.

On the other hand, the abilities of the monsters can be increased in level, using runes and shards. But keep in mind, that each monster can be fed only with its respective runes, and with each upgrade, the required rune level increases.

It should be noted that the first upgrade of the day has a specific minimum rune cost. The next one will always have a higher rune cost than the first, even though you are doing it with another little monster.


Lords Mobile monster abilities are not blocked by shields

It is necessary to have an active protector to be able to protect yourself from these types of attacks. In this sense, it is necessary to consider:

  • First of all, the protector gauge increases every time you are attacked by a little monster, and this empties over time.
  • When the gauge fills up, the protector activates automatically leaving you safe from attack of the little monster.
  • If you use any attack skills, the protector will be deactivated immediately, and will go down to 0.

List of the best little monsters and how to get them

Today there are 49 Lords Mobile monsters, these appear on the map in different circumstances. Some appear as normal enemies, and others make their presence known during some events.

Normal little monsters

They appear every day and when they arrive they stay on the map for almost three hours. This gives you enough time to deal with pest problems. The normal monsters are:

  • Black wing
  • Enjoy your meal
  • Frost wings
  • Cottageroar
  • Gawrilla
  • Gargantua
  • Tap
  • Grim reaper
  • Hardrox
  • Hootclaw
  • Hell Drider
  • Jade dragon
  • Mecha trojan
  • Mega larva
  • Necrosis
  • Noceros
  • Queen bee
  • Snow beast
  • Terrorthorn
  • Saberfang
  • Tidal titan
  • Voodoo shaman

Lords Mobile Monster Skills
Little Lords Mobile Monsters: List and Obtaining the Best 20

One Hit Monsters

The clue to the role these monsters play is in the name itself. It is possible to kill them with a hero through the use of one energy and just one hit. In addition, these only appear in some events. These monsters from One Hit are:

  • Encourage
  • Evil weevil
  • Bouldur
  • Elf
  • Gemlin Gremlin
  • Goal bandit
  • Krabby
  • Pumpkin
  • Totempest
  • Trickstar
  • Dry pasta
  • Undead ogre

little monsters lords mobile
Little Lords Mobile Monsters: List and Obtaining the Best 21

Successful monsters

They are beautiful creatures that appear during events like Phantom Pains, where ten Lords Mobile monsters can be seen appear on the map approximately every three hours. These monsters are:

  • Bon Viveur
  • Vizier serpent
  • Ghost knight

Cheer up! Enter the game and meet one by one all the monsters that appear in your game in Lords Mobile.

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