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Coin Master is a game that you will not be able to stop trying if you are a lover of attack and defense, since with its included bitch catcher it has come to displace games like Clash Royale and Candy Crush Saga in terms of income; It seems that it is a complex game, but the reality is that its nature makes it much easier than it seems. and that means that it can be consumed by a greater number of people, which generates a greater number of income.

What are Coin Master events and what are they for?

This game has a large number of events in which the player can progressively accumulate the rewards offered by the game for completing them. These events happen much more frequently than you might think and are an ideal opportunity to win coins and Coin Master Free Spins.

However, coins are not the only prize you can receive for successfully finishing an event on Coin Master. There are some events that will offer you great discounts to improve your village or even build a new one.

Other events will offer you many coins as a prize for your game, but you should know that that amount may vary according to the event and the level you achieve. Finally, there is an event that can offer you up to a thousand extra spins completely free if you can finish it.

Coin master events

You will be able to participate in events that the game itself is launching in which you will have the opportunity to conquer new challenges and rewards that will improve your development in that game, for which we invite you to view this list of events from which you can choose:

Village Mania

Village Mania Coin Master
List of all Coin Master events - Droidcops 10

In this event we will have the opportunity to obtain discounts when building your village, since something that is given a lot in this game is creation and construction. Actually, the discount can be from 10 to 20% on the price of each of the objects used there.

Coin madness

If your desire is to multiply your coins in large numbers, then this event is designed especially for you. It turns out that when this event is active, the roll button turns golden and the coins you had now will multiply if you click that button, obviously this event is limited and when the button is no longer golden, you will no longer be able to multiply the coins.

Sea of ​​fortune

sea ​​of ​​fortune coin master
List of all Coin Master events - Droidcops 11

A lot of possibilities and rewards are opened in this event so you should take advantage of it, but be careful when opening the boxes because in one of them you will get the greedy octopus that will surely make you lose because it will give you the option to leave without rewards or pay a sum of coins.

Attack master

Basically, each attack you make will add points to reach the rewards that this event offers you. In which you will get different challenges and steps that you must carry out, all of them related to the attack on the village of another Viking, the more attacks you carry out, the greater your reward will be.

Looting master

In this event, each round that another Viking manages to carry out will add up your points for the challenges that arise in these events that are not simple but offer great rewards. These rewards will get bigger based on each round you make.

Village master

This is a very particular event due to the fact that not only will you have the chance to finish building some villages and be rewarded for it, but also the prizes will increase more and more to the point that the benefits you obtain will not You will get them in no other event.

Gift Master

For a good teacher a good gift is deserved and this event brings exactly this, because with any purchase you make you will find a button with which an additional gift will come out and the larger the purchase the gift will come in that natural and direct proportion.


If the “tournament” event is about competing, bring you a mini game for the competition between several and to be able to observe the progress of each one, but first they will be divided into small groups to move up place by position in the challenge. The advance sign will be the highlighted trophy symbol that will appear on your screen.

Gambling explosion

It is a special event in which you can challenge other Vikings when betting and with this you can have great benefits, but no one is prepared to win anything if they are not willing to lose everything; You must quickly visit the villages and loot your friends.

Card explosion

In this event, after opening the chests, some cards will appear that when used will give different types of benefits depending on the figure that appears. However, the event is already reloaded since it will give fifty percent more cards than without the event activated as such. This time the chest will give three cards.

Gold card exchange

In this case, it should be remembered that collections of cards can be collected, which tells us that this event is perfect for exchanging letters and supporting other friends who have not yet been able to complete their collections.

Balloon madness

In this case, the dedication would be to be very attentive and burst whatever balloon appears, that way we can win spins and the benefits of that will increase in proportion.

Viking Mission

Viking Mission Coin Master
List of all Coin Master events - Droidcops 12

Here you will have the great mission of winning the golden card and thus investing coins, but you will have ten unique missions to beat that will test you to the fullest in this game; You will have a protection of three minutes after pressing the button to roll in the coins that you have won in this event.

Special events

These events will make you win in the progress bar, any element that you use in the attacks will contribute to this fun and challenging event; The bitch swallower can be the key to obtaining three thematic icons and thus advance even faster.

For example, get three radio cassettes, three masks, three coconuts … It depends on the theme, the objects to get will be one or the other.

Roulette special event
List of all Coin Master events - Droidcops 13

And you, which event do you like the most in Coin Master?

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