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Brawl Stars continues to provide content at hectic levels. If a few days ago we were talking about the incorporation of Colette to this group of somewhat unbalanced characters, now a new brave has decided to venture into the jungle of absurdity and opt for a bet based on a not very subtle weapon but a unique and abundant wardrobe. We are obviously talking about Lion.

Leon Brawl Stars art

Being considerate a silent killer, where he attacks with a sharp blade, confirming his Bulbasaur complex, Leon also opts for a smoke bomb like super to escape complicated situations, thus emulating our much-loved top-level politicians.

Origin and History of Leon

After lose their parents at a premature age, Leon had to share 6 years of their life with his grandmother to end up running away and thus find a new home, one that really filled him and made him discover why his parents died and, at the same time, find a purpose in life.

Leon Brawl Stars art 2

To the complete arduous tasks and travel around the world, Leon finally found to the murderer responsible for his misfortunes: a wicked birdman, also known as Crow, and without any empathy. This will captured and led him to a secluded desert, where he found other people fighting in Brawl stars. Specifically he became friends with Shelly, who taught him how this harsh war scenario works. Leon ended up becoming one of the best participants of this game to become legendary.

How to get Leon?

Similar to our dear Colette, Leon does not have much mystery as to how it should be achieved… But a very hard job ahead and that will require patience, consistency and resistance to frustration.

Leon, like many legendaries, can be obtained simply with the Brawl pass. Although that will require, as we have commented, an important dedication, impossible is not … Tedious, a lot.

Leon Brawl Stars fighter

Brawl Stars boxes It is another of our options, but if you want to leave the fact of acquiring this character to chance, it will make you more eternal than a conference starring a pseudo-intellectual who believes he has discovered the narrative of the future.

The third option is the usual one: pay to win. It can be done, but you would only feed this type of business practice.

In the end, it is your choice.

Appearances and skins

What has made this character more popular is not his level of fighting or power, but all the skins that kneads. Specifically, 7. In Droidcops We present each one of them together with its price in gems and coins.

Brawlstars leon
  • Dinosaur appearance (79 gems):
Lion dinosaur
  • Sally Appearance (79 Gems):
Leon Sally
  • Shark appearance (79 gems):
Lion shark
  • Werewolf Appearance (149 Gems):
Werewolf lion
  • Silver skin appearance (10,000 coins):
Silver lion
  • Golden skin appearance (25,000 coins):
Golden lion

Features and stats

Leon is not far behind when it comes to status, specifically his excellent skills, justifying its legendary rating.

We present these data to you so that you can see that we are not deceiving you.

Level Health Hurt








9 – 10



















Being from legendary rarity, Leon is on the podium of the greats.

  • With a skill of move from 820 to 1,070 with his smoke ability, he brings 3 gadget charges standard to the battlefield.
  • Your range of attack It is 9.67 with a 1.9 second reload.
  • His Super reaches up 6 seconds, enough to withdraw from a delicate situation.

Getting this character can take us equally to the top of Brawl stars as much as to be some divas of the fashion field. Leaving this aside, achieving it, as we have commented, will be an important challenge, but not impossible, so we encourage you to do everything for it.

Lion is already available in the suburbs of Brawl Stars.

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