Driver Terbaru Intel Perbaiki Bug Desktop Window Manager di Windows 10 dan 11

Latest Intel Driver Fix Desktop Window Manager Bug in Windows 10 and 11

Droidcops.COMIntel DCH driver version is an update that you may need to download and install, when your Windows 11 or 10 device starts having problems. This driver update is now available for users worldwide using Intel 6th generation or later processors, aiming to fix problems with Desktop Window Manager.

For your information, Desktop Windows Manager is a window manager built into the operating system for Taskbar thumbnails, application windows, animations, high-resolution monitors and other visual effects.

The Desktop Window Manager is part of Windows and will appear as DWM.exe or Desktop Window Manager in the Task Manager. This is the most important part of the operating system’s graphical interface and cannot be turned off. In fact, its role is increasing in the latest builds of Windows 10 and 11.

Most of the time, the Desktop Window Manager should run smoothly in the background and shouldn’t take up a lot of device resources. On average, Desktop Window Manager will use 2% to 8% CPU and less than 100MB RAM. And this feels enough for smooth performance.

However, a bug in the Intel driver package or in the operating system itself, can result in a large amount of resource usage. In such cases, the Desktop Window Manager will eat up more RAM or CPU than it should, and this will cause stability issues with Windows 10 or 11.

While Microsoft is working on a number of improvements to the performance of Windows 11, Intel has released a new driver update that will fix critical stability issues in the Desktop Window Manager on devices using integrated Intel graphics.

In addition, Intel has also fixed some issues with their graphics drivers, as part of the December 2021 update. For example, Intel says that they have improved the performance of some game titles such as Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary when using classic graphics mode. A bug that could cause frequent crashes or lag when playing certain game titles has also been fixed in this update.

This update can be obtained through the Windows Update page, which will be delivered gradually over the next few weeks or months, and this all depends on the respective device OEM. If you don’t want to wait, you can download it manually, on the page the following.

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