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Kingdom Karnage NFT: Explanation, How to Play & Generate Crypto

Kingdom Karage brings fun and addictive gameplay. Moreover, this game is not only fun to play but can also give you the opportunity to earn crypto currency.

Kingdom Karage is a card exchange game or trading card game (TCG) which offers an unusual experience. Because, this game is packed with blockchain technology.

This game that operates on the Enjin blockchain has a wide collection of character cards as non-fungible tokens (NFT) which can be traded in cryptocurrencies through the marketplace.

Well, if you want to play this game to have NFT and get crypto, just look at the explanation on how to play Kingdom Karage which ApkVenue will discuss in this article! Check, come on!

About Kingdom Karage NFT

Tired of the usual TCG games? Calm! Now you can try the experience of playing card exchange games that can generate crypto coins like games Kingdom Karage.

Kingdom Karage is a card-based exchange game non-fungible tokens (NFT). This game is different from ordinary mobile games because it is built on blockchain technology and is on the Enjin network.

In this game, you will play character cards that are verified as NFT. You can use these cards to fight against enemies or create new, more powerful cards.

Besides fighting in PvP mode, you can also use your NFT to explore dungeons, fight monsters, and collect loot such as cards, heroes, equipment, to tokens.

Besides being able to generate crypto, Android NFT games It also has a number of interesting features that make the game even more enjoyable. Here are some of Kingdom Karage’s best features!

  • Free-to-Play: You can play this game without having to enter the Pre-Sale to buy tokens or NFT first.

  • Play-to-Earn: The more often you play and the more often you win, the more benefits you can get.

  • Player vs Player: You can play in Unranked 1v1 mode for practice or Ranked 1v1 mode to fight for the highest rank.

  • Dungeons: Explore dungeons and defeat every monster you find. Monsters will give you various loot such as cards, weapons, to tokens.

  • Card Rarities: Each NFT card in this game is distinguished by rarity, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Kingdom Karnage Token & NFT Money Making Items

Kingdom Karage 16b86

Kingdom Karnage presents a collection of character cards as NFT items that can be collected and used during play. However, this NFT can also be sold to give you additional income.

Meanwhile, to transact NFT, you need a Kingdom Karnage token named Karage (KKT) which unfortunately is not yet listed so there is no information about the price of the token.

How to Register for Kingdom Karage

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To be able to play the game Kingdom Karnage, you must first register and create an account. To be more clear, please follow the steps below!

  1. Visit the official Kingdom Karage website at the URL

  2. Click the button Register and you will be directed to the registration page.

  3. Enter the email and password that will be used. Click Register.

  4. Finished.

Download Kingdom Karage APK

Kingdom Karnage is only available for Early Access but you can download the game now. To download the game Kingdom Karnage, please click the download link below!

Version Release Date Featured Features Download Link
Android 10 December 2021 Play Store
Windows 10 December 2021 Steam
Browser 10 December 2021 Official Site

How to Play & Get Crypto in Kingdom Karage

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Kingdom Karage is money making games crypto that you can play for passive income. Moreover, this game is quite easy to play because of its light gameplay.

In this game, you have to play NFT character cards to fight enemies. Make sure you make a strong army so you can defeat the enemy and get rewards such as tokens.

In addition, you can also play the mode dungeons and fight monsters to collect loot items such as cards, heroes, equipment, and other rare items if lucky.

Interestingly, latest NFT games it also allows you to combine cards and generate cards with higher levels, more powerful attacks, and random new skills.

Once you have a strong NFT, you can use it to win more rewards or sell it on the NFT marketplace at multiple times the price for profit.

The final word

Well, that’s the explanation and how to play Kingdom Karnage to get micin coins. With this game, you can experience the fun of a unique TCG game and make real money!

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