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Images of all Brawl Stars skins so far – Droidcops

Since the launch of Brawl Stars in 2017, the company Supercell has released new characters for the game, as well as numerous skins that provide different aspects to each of them.

Literally, there are about 200 different skins in Brawl Stars, so knowing all of them could become a real odyssey. However, in this guide we will show you an infographic made by Amber and what does he collect all skins sorted in chronological order since the game’s launch.

If you want view the infographics in full size, Click on each image to see the outfits accurately, as well as their release date.

What are the highest rated skins by players?

With so many skins available, some users have even made their own tier lists to rate them from best to worst. One of the rankings that has become more popular has been this one, where “SS” are the best valued, and “F” the worst:

Images of all Brawl Stars skins so far - Droidcops 6

As you see, Skins that have only one color, especially those of the golden or silver characters, are the ones that the players find the worst. On the contrary, the more groundbreaking an outfit and the more detail it has, the better it receives in the ranking.

How many skins does each brawler have?

Finally, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, each brawler has a different number of skins available. This figure can vary from 13 skins, which is the maximum so far, to no skin, which is the minimum. Nevertheless, the normal thing is to see brawlers that have between 1 and 8 skins.

In this visual guide you can easily see how many skins each fighter consists of:

Number of total Brawl Stars skins
Images of all Brawl Stars skins so far - Droidcops 7

Now we want to ask you: what is your favorite skin? Do you miss any in the previous rankings? We are sure that many of you will agree on quite a few, but as there are colors for tastes, we did not want to miss the opportunity to ask your opinion about the best skins. We read you!

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