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Finally we received news of Clash Heroes, this time they present us with a speedy and skillful character with the bow. Through a short clip in gameplay mode, the followers of the video game were able to appreciate in detail what the character is about. According to the post made, she is called ICY or so she was introduced “she is ICY.” At first glance, she looks like an archer with a magenta cape and a knight’s helmet. However, what little is appreciated of her is the strength of their attacks and their speed to run them.

In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize how ICY manages with just three arrows to finish off its first opponent. She immediately turns and defends herself against the enemies that appear while, in turn, dodging the attacks that are launched against her. In the same way, it is observed how with only four arrows hit, manage to complete the special attack bar. Everything indicates that this character has the special ability to freeze, turn into ice or paralyze his enemies.

For its part, ICY is very resistant to attacks, in addition to being fast to dodge them, the enemy’s blows do not cause great damage. Now, among the reactions of the followers of Clash Heroes, many expressed their desire to see the character in action in the beta version.

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