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How to unlock and use the “Teams” feature of Coin Master – Droidcops

The functionality of «Teams» It was implemented in March 2021 in the Coin Master application, becoming one of the best options to get free spins, exchange cards or chat with other players on the same team.

The most important thing you have to know is that You must reach village 10 to unlock the “Equipment”.

Once you reach village 10, you can access this function to do any of these actions:

  • Get free spins.
  • Trade cards to collect them all and get millions of coins.
  • Chat with teammates.
Unlock Teams Feature in Coin Master
How to unlock and use the "Teams" feature of Coin Master - Droidcops 8

How much does it cost to create a team?

The cost to create your own team is 150 million coins of the game.

But before that, you will have to fill out a kind of form where you can form said team:

  • Name of the team. Remember that you will not be able to change it later, so think carefully before creating it.
  • Flag or icon that will represent it.
  • Short description of the team. Here you can mention, for example, what makes you different from the rest or what their standards are.
  • You can set if you want a open or private group. If it’s public, any player can join; if it is private, it will need the prior approval of the leader.
  • In turn, you can also put a minimum of statistics. This will ensure that the members who join have a minimum level.

Once these fields are filled in, you are ready to create your first team in Coin Master. You will be the leader of your own group.

If the current leader of the group leaves the team, the player who will succeed him will be the one who has been the longest in that team.

How to exchange letters with team members?

For exchange letters with other members of your team, you will only have to access the tab of your team and select the exchange option, within the chat.

Then, you will be shown the following screen in which you will have to select from which collection do you want them to give you a letter, and on the right you will see the prize when someone gives it to you (in the case of the example below, they are free spins).

Trade cards in Coin Master teams

How many members can there be on the same team?

The maximum number of team members is 50 participants. Once you reach that amount, no new members will be accepted to lean on in the game.

Interestingly, according to a survey conducted by the official Coin Master Twitter account, more than half of the teams have more than 25 members. This shows that it is a feature that has been very successful, and that thanks to it many players are able to advance more quickly in their villages.

And you, do you already have your team in Coin Master? How many are you?

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