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How to Transfer Photos from Old iPhone to New iPhone | Droidcops

Photo: Apple

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone is often a question for its users. Actually this method is very easy, the iPhone provides 3 features to transfer photos and other documents to other iPhones.

If you still don’t know how to do it, whether it’s transferring large or small amounts of photos, here’s how to transfer photos between iPhone devices.

How to Transfer Photos via Airdrop

Airdrop is the iPhone’s mainstay feature for exchanging photos and other documents. The first way to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone can be using Airdrop.

Airdrops are usually used to send photos in small quantities. As is the case, when you want to transfer photos from a friend’s iPhone to capture the moment together.

How to Use Airdrop

Before sending photos via Airdrop, make sure the personal hotspot on the iPhone is turned off, and also make sure both iPhones (both the one that sent the photo and the one that was sent) have Airdrop turned on.

1. Enable Airdrop

how to transfer iPhone photos

The first step, swipe up or slide the iPhone screen up until a display like the first image appears, then press for a few seconds the box display as in the second image, select Airdrop in the lower left corner, and select the everyone option.

2. Select the photo you want to send

how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone

The next step, open the iPhone gallery, select the photo to send, press the share icon in the lower left corner, select the Airdrop icon, and look for the iPhone Airdrop to which the photo will be sent.

3. Send Photo

The last step, select accept or accept on the iPhone to which the photos will be sent, then wait for the photos to be sent. Easy isn’t it? The process of sending photos between iPhones only takes a few minutes.

In addition, the advantage of this feature is that it maintains good photo quality, unlike if we send photos via chat which makes the photo quality break.

How to Transfer Photos Via Scan

Another way to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone can be done with the scan feature. This feature is fairly new for Apple products.

Usually, scans are used to transfer documents from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, or move documents to other Apple products such as iPad to iPhone, MacBook to iPhone and so on.

This means that this feature is a synchronized method that can be used to transfer large amounts of data between Apple, including photos.

How to Use Scan

Please note, this scan feature only applies to new products to synchronize with other Apple products. When buying a new iPhone, users can easily transfer all the data on their old iPhone with just one scan.

1. Hold iPhone

how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhonePhoto: Apple

Before scanning your iPhone, make sure that both iPhones have enough battery so they don’t fail during the shipping process. Then bring the two iPhones that will be synchronized.

The new iPhone will automatically track the whereabouts of the old iPhone so that it appears as in the first image. Then click continue or continue.

2. Transfer From iPhone

The next step, select transfer from iPhone or transfer from iPhone. In this process, iPhone can back up data from the old iPhone in about 1.5 hours, depending on how many files were moved.

3. Scan New iPhone

Next, the old iPhone will give a command to bring the camera closer to the new iPhone. While on the new iPhone will display the iPhone barcode. Scan the barcode, wait a few seconds until the settings appear.

4. New iPhone Settings

Finally, enter the password according to the old iPhone, then set all the settings on the new iPhone. Done, all files and data have been transferred successfully.

How to Transfer Photos from iCloud

Similar to the scan process above, the iCloud feature on the iPhone is also usually used to synchronize or backup data. The difference is, in this feature we can move photos and other data by entering iCloud on the iPhone.

This method is usually used if the old iPhone is lost or has been sold, so we don’t need the old iPhone to transfer data. The way to do this is quite easy.

1. Create an iCloud account

The first step, make sure you create an Apple ID on your iPhone. An Apple ID can be created using an existing Gmail, or you can create a new iCloud address.

2. iPhone Data Backup

Next, open settings or settings, select Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store settings on the top option, select iCloud and activate it.

3. Sign in iCloud

Finally, enter iCloud or Apple ID on the iPhone or other Apple device that you want to synchronize with the iPhone, the data will automatically enter the device.

Well, that’s 3 ways to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. How? Now you don’t have to worry about moving your photos anymore, right? Good luck!

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