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How to play Pokémon Unite in Spanish? – Droidcops

One of the things that is attracting the most attention to new Pokémon Unite players is that not yet available in Spanish.

So, do not worry about having chosen your geographical area wrong, because the problem does not come from there, but from Nintendo itself. We are all the same.

When will Pokémon Unite come out in Spanish?

Regrettably, Nintendo has not yet confirmed a release date for the Spanish language, but several international media claim that the translation is in development, so it should arrive in the next few weeks.

Perhaps, in September, coinciding with the launch of the game on mobile devices, and where the public will be much more massive than now, which can only be played by those who have a Nintendo Switch console at home.

First impressions, however, they are being very positive among the players, as those who are playing non-stop begin to testify.

And you, what do you think of the game: has it exceeded your expectations? Did you expect it to not be in Spanish yet?

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