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How to fix connection errors in Coin Master? – Droidcops

Without a doubt, Coin Master is one of the video games that is giving more to talk about at the moment, since the amount of downloads and income it has generated are multimillion-dollar. However, the fact of being such a large platform does not make it exempt from presenting some problems. In most cases, When there are connection errors in Coin Master, there are several ways to solve it, and we will tell you the best.

Why do I get connection errors in Coin Master?

Coin Master has become one of the most downloaded video games in recent years, and its more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store certify it. With the passing of time and the massive wave of downloads that this game has received, it is natural that it begins to present some problems, such as connection errors.

However, the application presents frequent updates where most of the possible errors are corrected. Even so, It is likely that some users will find that the application stops loading due to possible connection errors.

Coin Master connection error
How to fix connection errors in Coin Master? - Droidcops 6

Given this, we must remember that this game needs an internet connection to work. Even so, not at all times it is strictly due to a fault on the part of the user, but the application may crash.

This problem can have multiple causes, among them it can be, that they appear in the main servers of the game. To make sure this is not the case, you should check that your ADSL / Cable connection is working properly, and that the device is not downloading large files.

How to check a connection error in Coin Master?

There are cases in which, while the person is using the application, a timer appears at the bottom of the screen, indicating a connection error. The first option you should take is to wait a few minutes, since in some cases the Coin Master server is undergoing maintenance.

If after a few minutes, the application continues offline, you should check if your cell phone actually has some connection problems. In order to continue playing you must have at least:

  • Connection to a wi-fi signal.
  • 4G mobile connection.

Without verifying that you are connected to some of these two signals, but the game still does not load, verify that your signal is good enough. For this, you cans access YouTube and upload a video in high definition: if the video loads well, then your Internet is working perfectly.

Another way to verify the speed of your internet signal is to search for a Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest page in Google that will specifically indicate the speed. If your game still has a connection error, we recommend that you follow the connection troubleshooting steps.

How to fix connection problems in Coin Master?

As we already mentioned, there are ways to solve those connection errors that can be generated and that do not allow you to continue playing. If you have already verified that your internet works fine and even so, your game does not load, you can try some of these options:

1. Verify that you have the latest update

In many cases, the game stops working if the device does not have the latest version of it updated. To avoid this situation, you can modify the download settings so that it updates automatically.

Latest version Coin Master
How to fix connection errors in Coin Master? - Droidcops 7

Access the Play Store or App Store, look for the name of the game, and see if the download button shows “Update”. Otherwise, you have correctly the latest version.

2. Stop the process

A solution that is usually effective is stop the application process within the mobile through the settings and then reopen it. To carry out this process you must go to the Settings section – Applications – Coin Master – Stop.

3. Clear the Cache

This is the most frequent solution for when the application does not open or has a connection error. To clear the application cache you must go to the Settings section – applications – Coin Master – clear or delete cache.

4. Free up space in mobile storage

In addition to clearing the cache, you can also free up space on the device’s storage. For this, you must be in the Settings section – applications – Coin master and then look for the “free up storage space” section.

5. Clean the device

In many cases, It is very useful to have an application that helps you maintain the general cleanliness of your device. This saves you time and allows you to clean the cache, delete unnecessary content, free up space, among others.

We recommend this step, since in many cases, it happens that the device is overloaded and needs cleaning for the game to work properly. Cleaning tools for mobiles perform all these functions with a single click.

6. Reboot the device

If you decided to follow these steps and the game still doesn’t load, you can close all applications and restart your device. In some cases, this measure turns out to be a solution, not only for Coin Master connection errors but for all applications and even for the best performance of the device.

7. Reinstall the game

This is the last action you can take to fix a Coin Master connection error yourself. Here, you just have to go to the device settings, go to the “Applications” section and look for the game icon, then uninstall it.

In this step you should not worry about your progress, since Facebook and your account itself saves your entire process and then you can return to where you were. To install it again you just have to go to the Play Store and install its updates.

If you have already applied all these steps and even so, you cannot enter the game, or once inside it indicates a connection error, it means that the error is not on your part, but that the main Coin Master servers are failing.

To verify this, you can consult your friends if the same thing happens to them, if this is the case, the only option you have is to wait a while until the situation normalizes. If you verify that it is happening only to you, you can contact the technical support of the application to express your case.

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