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How to Fix a Laptop Touchpad Not Working | Droidcops

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The touchpad is one of the main features on a laptop. This tool works by receiving the response of the user’s finger touch, and is a tool or feature that is quite important on a laptop.

Although the presence of the touchpad can be replaced with a mouse, for some people, it will be a hassle, especially for laptop users with high mobility.

Not everyone has time to find a desk to use the mouse on, and usually prefers to put the laptop on their lap.

Like other electronic equipment, the touchpad can also experience problems, even damage that causes it to not function properly.

There are 3 common problems that usually occur with laptop touchpads that you can actually solve yourself without needing to take your laptop to a service center. Here’s how to fix a broken laptop touchpad.

1. Touchpad Accidentally Disable

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On laptops there is usually a button that serves to disable the touchpad. Of course, on each laptop, the location and how to activate this button can be different.

In this article, we are using a laptop, where there is an F7 key which also functions to enable/disable the touchpad. When we access the F7 key, the touchpad on this laptop can function properly again.

As we mentioned earlier, the location of this button is not always the same on every laptop product, but in general it has a similar image, with a finger icon touching the touchpad, then a circle symbol with a strikethrough in the middle.

You could accidentally press this button, so the touchpad cannot be used. First check if this is really the case, before taking your laptop to a service center.

2. Touchpad Driver Corrupt or Needs Update

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Drivers can also be one of the causes of damage to the touchpad, because they have an important role in every hardware that is on a laptop device. It could happen that the driver is corrupt or not updated, which makes the touchpad not work.

To check the status and updates, you can go to Device Manager by right-clicking on the Windows start button, then clicking ‘Device Manager’.

Next, select ‘Mice and other pointing devices’ and click on its sub category, then right click and select ‘Update driver’. Wait about 5 minutes to let the laptop update and don’t turn off the laptop.

After completing the driver update, restart your laptop, then check if the touchpad has returned to work normally. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can use the driver CD or DVD which is usually included in the purchase package.

Browse the CD and find the Touchpad Driver, then Install and follow the next instructions. Just as above, after the installation process is complete, restart your laptop.

3. Broken Touchpad Hardware

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The last possibility is damage to the touchpad hardware. This damage can occur due to outdated hardware or overheating too often.

Overheat usually occurs due to lack of air circulation that enters the laptop device, which causes the touchpad hardware to become hot and damaged.

You can solve this problem by disassembling the touchpad on the laptop yourself, and replacing it with new hardware. However, we do not recommend this method if you are not familiar with laptop components.

If this is the main problem, then you can ask for help from someone who is more knowledgeable, or take the laptop to the nearest service center.

How to Care for Laptop Touchpad

In addition to the common problems above, the laptop touchpad also sometimes doesn’t work due to other problems such as dirty surfaces, or system failures.

To prevent problems from arising, the laptop touchpad also needs to be treated. Here’s how to care for a laptop touchpad which is quite easy to do.

1. Clean the Dirty Touchpad Surface

It looks trivial, but actually this is quite influential on the sustainability of the touchpad on your laptop. The touchpad relies on motor sensors on its surface.

If the surface of the touchpad is rarely cleaned, then it can most likely be the main cause of your touchpad not working properly. Clean the laptop touchpad regularly at least after every use.

2. Scan Laptop with Anti Virus

Computer viruses are indeed the most dangerous because apart from the risk of infecting/damaging system files (which can cause system failure, for example, the system cannot boot).

In addition, a virus on a computer can also cause the operating system to fail to control hardware, one of which is the touchpad.

The most common step taken in dealing with operating system damage caused by computer viruses is to scan using an antivirus, choose a “top rated” antivirus such as AVG, Bitdefender, Avira and so on.

How to Replace a Laptop’s Touchpad

How to Replace a Laptop's TouchpadPhoto: ifixit

Actually, this method has a fairly high risk if you are not familiar and experienced with working with laptops, but even so, you can still do this method.

The first thing you have to understand is that the touchpad component is inside the body of your laptop. So if you want to replace these components you have to disassemble your laptop body as a whole.

It takes precision and patience in doing this, here are the tools and what steps you must take:

Prepare the necessary hardware components:

  • Make sure that your laptop is turned off
  • Please remove your laptop battery
  • Remove the top frame of the laptop by removing the screws on the back, or removing the latch clips.
  • Please remove the screw on the board that is on the top right and left
  • Lift slowly or carefully (a common mistake that is often made when you first open the keyboard is to lift the keyboard too hard, causing the keyboard and trackpad flexible cables to break)
  • Disconnect the keyboard cable from the laptop circuit board
  • after disassembling and replacing the touchpad components, then reinstall them as before and start trying to turn it back on.


Make sure you try some of the tips and how to repair a laptop touchpad above before taking it to a service center.

If you are in a hurry to get something done, you can alternatively use the mouse temporarily.

Good luck!

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