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How to exchange duplicate cards for free chests – Droidcops

From the village 20 you will unlock a very interesting functionality to advance faster in the game, and that is that you can exchange your duplicate cards for chests, which in turn can give very interesting rewards such as free spins or spins, coins, experience for your pet or even more cards.

How does this exchange work?

To start changing your cards, you simply have to access the main menu of the game and go to Right menu> Letters, and you will see your gallery of letters.

Once inside, go to the upper left corner, and click on the icon of a chest with a star. There they will tell you how many card stars you have, and once you click on the green button, you will be able to select the cards to exchange for chests.

You will need a minimum of stars with duplicate cards to make the exchange. In the case of the first chest, There are 75 stars that you must add with your duplicate cards. If you do not reach that number of stars, you will need to keep opening chests until you get more duplicates, and reach that number.

Trade cards for Coin Master chests
In this menu we can exchange our letters for chests. Following the example, we will get a new chest by giving cards that add up to a total of 75 stars. We have 185 stars, so we can make the switch.

As you manage to unlock more villages, you will have access to more powerful exchanges, with bigger chests and rewards:

  • Chest of the village 20 onwards.
  • Chest of the village 70 onwards.
  • Chest of the village 110 onwards.
Chests in exchange for cards
How to exchange duplicate cards for free chests - Droidcops 6

What prizes do the chests obtained include?

The rewards that the chests of exchanges for cards will offer us will depend on whether we are going to open one that is from village 20, village 70 or village 110. In this way, we find that the prizes are the following:

Village Chests 20

They have a cost of 75 letter stars, and include:

  • 4 cards.
  • Between 10 and 100 spins (random amount).
  • Between 200 and 2,000 experience for your pet (random amount).

Village Chests 70

They have a cost of 750 letter stars, and include:

  • 6 cards.
  • Between 50 and 500 spins (random amount).
  • Between 1,000 and 10,000 experience for your pet (random amount).

Village Chests 110

They cost over 1,000 card stars, and include:

  • 1 chance in 50 that the chest will get a joker card.
  • 8 cards.
  • Between 100 and 1,000 free spins (random quantity).
  • one meal for pets.
  • Between 4,000 and 40,000 of experience for your pet (random quantity)

How many exchanges can I make in one day?

We can perform up to a maximum of 1 exchange every 24 hours in Coin Master. If we want to do more than one, this exchange will cost us coins, which in the case of the first chest, will be 50 million.

And you, have you already exchanged letters for chests with this mechanism? How did it go?

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