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how to disable bixby on samsung smartphonePhoto: Samsung

Samsung users must be familiar with the Bixby feature, Samsung’s default software that is embedded in every Samsung cellphone and tablet device.

But unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Bixby to be considered annoying because the owner doesn’t really know the usefulness of this feature.

How to disable Bixby on Samsung cellphones has finally been sought after, even though the presence of the Bixby feature can increase productivity in using the device.

The Bixby feature continues to be developed and is planned to remain embedded in all Samsung cellphones and tablets.

About Bixby and its Pros

The Bixby feature was first launched in 2017 on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus devices. This original default software from Samsung works more or less as an assistant on the device.

So many people don’t understand how it works, Bixby is often labeled as a useless feature. Whereas Bixby is deliberately designed to facilitate all kinds of activities related to device use.

Like the virtual assistant in other products, Bixby functions to maximize use in everyday life. Here are some of the benefits of Bixby.

1. As a Reminder

You who live independently are undeniably often forget about the schedule that has been made. Bixby on your Samsung device will solve the problem.

The feature will work like a reminder for every schedule that you have recorded even if it is a long term schedule. Most importantly, there is no limit to creating a schedule.

2. Quick Reference Finder for Related Articles

Have you ever been confused because of a lack of article references? Bixby can overcome this by providing various kinds of related article references quickly.

For example, by simply typing “Apple” on the search page, all the related results will appear regularly and in a very short time.

3. Setting User Priority

As a built-in software with a vision of making it easy for users, Bixby can also work to set your priorities. Bixby examines the activities of its users and offers which ones to prioritize.

One of the interesting features is the integration of Bixby with Samsung Health, where users can see health developments and choose their priorities.

4. Provides More Information Than Photos

Bixby also processes the most sought-after information from its users in various ways, one of which is through the camera. By simply taking advantage of the Bixby features integrated with the camera, you can receive more, and more extensive information from just a single image. Imagine how easy it is to get the information you need.

5. Set Up Device With Voice Only

Assistant devices that work only with voice will certainly make it easier for you. Small things like activating Bluetooth, changing camera use, activating location to fingerless typing can be done.

Other things like searching for contacts and calling them can be done without touching the screen or even your device.

6. Explaining Objects in Detail

Not only through photos captured by the camera, Bixby can also explain objects in detail through the screen display that the device user is looking for. Information such as when, where and where the object came from can be known through the features provided by Bixby. However, this feature can only work with the permission of the device owner.

7. Run Commands to All Installed Apps

Finally, Bixby can run commands via your voice to all installed applications even if they are not the default application. For example, you want to send a message via a chat application, then Bixby will run your command and send the message. Or you can also search for articles without having to open the search page manually.

how to disable bixby on samsung smartphonePhoto: Samsung

How to Disable Bixby on Samsung Smartphones

For those of you who think Bixby no longer needs to be used, then you can immediately disable it. There are various ways to disable Bixby depending on the type of Samsung device you have, or which method you find the easiest to do.

There are at least 5 ways that can be done so that Bixby is no longer active. Anything? here’s how you can try.

1. Through Settings Through Your Own Device

The most common thing to do to disable an app is to go to settings in a personal device. There are a few things to do in order to disable Bixby. Here are the steps:

  • Open the settings menu on your device.
  • Select the Advanced Features menu.
  • Select the settings for the Bixby button.
  • Then select off.
  • After that, check whether Bixby has been successfully deactivated.

2. Via Direct Settings in the Bixby App

Bixby that appears on your device is an integrated software that comes directly from the factory. Bixby also comes in the form of a standalone application like other applications.

To disable it you can go to the settings in the application. How to? Follow these steps.

  • Immediately search for the Bixby app and go to its settings.
  • Select the section to disable Bixby listed in the settings section.
  • Select “Off” to disable the feature.
  • Do a test run to check success.

3. Via the Built-in Bixby Button

For Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 devices, you can disable Bixby via the button located on the bottom left of the volume button on your device.

Before pressing the button, here are the things to do.

  • Enter the device settings menu.
  • Then find and select Bixby voice.
  • Remove the Bixby Key field to disable Bixby.
  • Bixby will automatically not work when you press the side button.

4. Take Advantage of Special Features on Galaxy S20 Series Devices

How to disable Bixby since the release of the Galaxy S20 Series and other newer Samsung phones, is a little different. There is another feature you can use to stop Bixby from working.

On newer Samsung phones since the Galaxy S20 Series, there is a Bixby setting that can be tweaked simply by following these steps:

  • Swipe from the top corner of the screen to see the various notifications display.
  • Select the power button icon in the upper right corner, then press .
  • After that you will see three icons lined up and select the bottom word “Side Key Settings” or “Side key settings”.
  • The default setting is to disable Bixby on your device.
  • If so, return to the main screen display and try.

5. Permanently Delete Bixby

Finally, you can also delete Bixby permanently. Because Bixby is indirectly integrated with a Samsung account, if your account is deleted, Bixby will also be automatically deleted.

Before doing so, reconsider the other consequences that you will get so you don’t regret it later. If you’re sure, here’s how to permanently remove the Bixby feature.

  • Look for the page in your browser.
  • Enter your account and go to the account profile section.
  • Click “Delete” or “Delete” the Samsung account and type in the password to confirm.
  • Make sure to click “Continue” or “Continue”.
  • Finally click the “Agree” or “Confirm” button.

Should I Disable Bixby?

Basically, Bixby is not only built-in software that works to make it easier to use the device, but also makes life easier for its users. However, there’s nothing wrong with not using the feature anymore if you feel it’s annoying.

If you no longer need it, you can disable it in the way described above. After performing the above steps, check whether the deactivation was successful or not. Good luck.

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