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How to create another account in Lords Mobile and thus have 2?

Generally, video games available for mobile devices do not allow you to use more than one user account. The same happens with applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks. But today, technology has advanced so much that there are ways to manage to have more than one account, even in your video games. Here we will show you how to create another account in Lords Mobile and thus have 2.

There are endless applications available for mobile devices that allow you to facilitate the use of other Apps. In fact, there are applications that allow you to clone the data of another application, allowing you to have two accounts open from the same App without setbacks.

Any application can be easily duplicated and thus have two accounts on the same device, and Lords Mobile does not escape this reality. You only need to download an application called Parallel Space-Multi Accounts and ready. This application can be found in your official Android store, Google Play Store, and it is very easy to install.

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How to create another account in Lords Mobile and thus have 2? 10

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

Parallel Space is a useful application that allows you to manage two different user accounts of any application that you have installed on your cell phone. So you can use two accounts of your favorite applications simultaneously.

It works very easy, well create an independent virtual space that allows the execution of other applications inside. This is what makes it possible to have the same application open twice, once on a mobile device and the other within Parallel Space.

Parallel Space, takes up little space, just 2MB, and does not need root privileges, therefore you can run it on any Android device. However, it asks for a long list of permissions, as it needs to have all the permissions for each application running inside it.

This is undoubtedly a very interesting application, as it not only allows you to manage your social networks, but also your video games. Thanks to Parallel Space, you can open a second account in Lords Mobile and use it simultaneously.

Download it to your mobile device, it is a powerful, versatile and safe application. It should be noted that it includes ads, but you can disable them with a subscription service. But still, this app works properly without paying a penny.


How to create another Lords Mobile account and use them 2?

The first thing you should do is download the Parallel Space-Multi Accounts application, as this App helps gamers to have several accounts open at the same time. This application works as a game emulator, which allows you to have a main account and a secondary account, and run them simultaneously.

With both accounts you can hunt monsters at the same time, but for this you need to have the cloned account. To achieve this you just have to:

  • Download the app cloner (Parallel Space-Multi Accounts)
  • Associate your main account to the Apps cloner.
  • Open and click on add App. Click on the Lords Mobile icon, click on Add to Parallel Space.

By doing this, automatically, when you enter Lords Mobile, you will see that both accounts will be opened. You will have a main account and a secondary account from 0.

To open both accounts simultaneously, you must go to roulette, click on account and change account. When changing accounts, you must enter the email of the second account and the respective password. The Parallel Space emulator will automatically open with the second account, allowing you to play with both accounts at the same time.

create another lords mobile account

Other useful applications to open two accounts in Lords Mobile

We already told you about Parallel Space-Multi Accounts, and we explained how to open 2 Lords Mobile accounts through it. But nevertheless, there are other quite useful applications likeor:

  • Dual Space, available for iOS and Android operating system.
  • Cloner App, available for Android.
  • Multi Parallel, available for Android.
  • Bluestacks, available for download on mobile devices and PCs.

create another Lords Mobile account

All these applications allow you to clone or duplicate the applications and open 2 or more accounts simultaneously. An excellent option to have 2 Lords Mobile accounts.

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