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How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account in 3 Minutes Done! | Droidcops

Doing business on the internet has become a promising job prospect, therefore more and more smartphone applications are competing to meet the needs of internet business.

From what was originally just an ordinary social media application, it has now become an application that supports online business, one of which is WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp application is increasingly popular and its users are increasing, this opportunity was successfully exploited with the emergence of the WhatsApp business feature in September 2017, as a practical feature for online businesses.

However, how do you create a business WhatsApp account? Is it the same as regular WhatsApp? Here we discuss in full about business WhatsApp accounts.

How to Change a Regular WA Account to a Business WA

change wa to wa business

How to turn WhatsApp into a business account, is a fairly easy step. You just need to download the WhatsApp business application with the ‘B’ logo, then register a WhatsApp number that has been used previously or a new one.

This is the easiest and official way to convert a regular account to a business account. If you have downloaded the application, you can immediately register with an active number.

In addition, you must also register an email address and verify to make your account more secure. Moreover, business accounts, which require more complete protection because they involve money and assets.

How to verify a business WhatsApp account is also easy, later you will be asked to send a code that has been sent by WhatsApp to your phone number or email.

Enter the code in the column provided while registering. Make sure you keep the code secret, it’s safer if you delete the message containing the code from WhatsApp immediately.

How to Use WhatsApp Business Account

business whatsapp

Business WhatsApp accounts look similar to the regular version, but are equipped with a number of features that support effective communication with consumers.

Before using a business account, of course, you must know how to create one. Here’s a complete way to create a business account, see more:

1. Download the WhatsApp Business app from Play Store or Appstore

2. Register using an active cell phone number devoted to the business to make verification easier,

3. Create a profile by listing all your business information, by clicking the settings menu, business settings, profile. Make sure all the information is accurate, starting from the business name, address, contact, and store description.

4. If the profile has been successfully created, you can check what features are available by having the settings, business settings option.

5. In this option, there are away message, greeting message, and quick replies features, all of which you can set as needed.

How to Return a Business WA Account to a Regular WA Account

return business wa to normal wa

Almost the same as the previous method, that is, you have to delete the business WA account first, then download the regular WA account. Register by registering an active number, then verify.

You probably won’t get a lot of verification requests when you create this account, because it’s a regular account and doesn’t need multiple layers of protection.

A regular WA account can actually also be used as a business account, you can still interact with consumers smoothly.

It’s just that some of the excellent features of a business account will not allow you to use it. However, there is an advantage for a business account that you can get, which is that you can use two active numbers.

If you don’t want business chats to merge with private chats, you can use the features provided by WhatsApp to set up two numbers at once.

So, business and personal matters can be separated, and you can have two WhatsApp accounts at once. But unfortunately, this feature doesn’t have many fans because it is considered too complicated during the registration process.

Advantages of Using a WhatsApp Business Account

wa business

If you have succeeded in changing the normal WA to business WA, you can use the four excellent features of WhatsApp business version 2. 18.2, all of which are provided to facilitate communication between sellers and buyers.

Here are some excellent features and their explanations:

1. Can Register Company Phone Number

In general, WhatsApp can only be used for regular cell phone numbers. But on a business account, your company number can also be registered as a WA number.

This feature will certainly make it easier for you to separate private chat and business chat. But you need to remember, that the profile name still cannot be changed so think carefully.

2. WhatsApp Business Profile Display

The profile on this business account is a bit similar to Google My Business, there are several fields that must be filled in as company information.

Starting from a brief profile, business website, email address, active hours, and company address. Make sure your business account is properly verified, to avoid problems that will occur in the future.

Write a clear profile and store description, so that new customers don’t get confused about your business.

This can also be a brief assessment of potential customers, a store with a complete profile description will certainly increase their trust.

3. There is an Automatic Message Feature

If you already know the features in email such as auto-responders and vacation messages, then that’s more or less the features that business WA has.

There are three excellent services that you can use, namely:

  • Away Message, which is an automatic response when you are not opening WhatsApp. You can make settings regarding the content of the automatic message, it can be in the form of information about when the chat will be replied to, or something else.
  • Greeting Message, which is a message that is automatically sent to each new contact as a sign of greeting. So, when your new number is saved by consumers, this greeting message will be automatically sent to them.
  • Quick Replies, namely messages that contain instant templates. These messages are set up using the boot as a long thank you note, or instructions and rules for consumers while shopping at your store.

4. There is Interaction Statistical Data

This statistical data feature will make it easier for you when evaluating performance, you will receive the data via WhatsApp business which has been recorded automatically for a certain period of time.

The data contains how many messages have been sent, arrived, and how many have been read. You can find the total amount at the bottom of the report.

This statistical data is of course very important for a business, you will know where the company’s faults and advantages lie.

You can also quickly think of solutions, how to increase consumer confidence, how to deal with complicated consumers, how to attract more consumers, and so on.

How to create a business WhatsApp account is easy, you just have to be smart to do promotions and serve consumers as well as possible.

Don’t let this sophisticated technology actually make your business decline, use all these opportunities as well as possible to be able to increase business.

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