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How to Create a New Gmail Account from Cellphones and Laptops | Droidcops

Already have a Gmail account? If you don’t have one, you can create your own Gmail account. How to make it is also not difficult, you can register your own Gmail in a short time.

For your information, in an all-digital era like now, having a Gmail account has now become a must, especially for those of you who use Android phones.

Without a Gmail account, you cannot access some of the services offered by Google, such as the Play Store, Drive, Photos, to Google Meet which are now widely used for online learning.

For that, this time Droidcops will try to provide information on how to easily create a Gmail account. How to create a Gamil account can be done via cellphones and laptops.

Check out the review below.

How to Create a Gmail Account on a Laptop or PC

how to create a new gmail account on a laptop

For those who have not registered with Gmail, you can register first, here’s how to create a Gmail account on a computer or laptop.

  • Open a browser like Chrome or Firefox
  • Enter the site address www.gmail.com
  • Press the Create Account button
  • Enter full name, gmail username, password then click ‘Next’
  • Enter cellphone number, recovery email, date of birth and gender, click ‘Next’
  • If all went well, then the new Gmail account registration process has been completed

For the record, for a new Gmail account username or name can be created based on the name or nickname. To avoid gmail addresses that are already in use, it is better to add a number at the back.

For example, [email protected]. Google will also provide a gmail address recommendation if the name you enter is already used by someone else.

As for passwords, try to keep the passwords unknown to others and made by combining numbers or other variations. What must be remembered is not to forget

In addition, for email recovery, try to use the email of a close friend, wife or someone you know well. Because this email recovery functions as a backup email when you forget your password or as a place to recover a Gmail account that has been created.

How to Create a Gmail Account on Smartphone

How to Create a New Email (Gmail) on Hp

In addition to using a computer, creating a new gmail account can also be done using a smartphone. Here’s how to create a gmail account on a cellphone.

  • Open the settings menu then look for the account menu (accounts)
  • Select ‘add account’ and select ‘Google’ account
  • Select ‘create account’ on the sign in screen
  • Fill in the first name and last name, then click ‘next’
  • Next, fill in your date of birth and gender, then click ‘next’
  • Next, select a name as your username and email address (you can choose the one submitted by Google or create your own email address)
  • The next step is to create a password or password, then click ‘next’ and continue the process
  • When a window appears containing Privacy and Terms, click ‘I Agree’, then click ‘Next’ after which a confirmation of username and password appears.

Well, that’s how to create a Gmail account that can be done easily and quickly. If your internet connection is good, the process will take less than 10 minutes. Hopefully the way to create a Gmail account above is useful.

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