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How to Completely Make Google Forms from Cellphones and PCs | Droidcops

Google Forms is one of the services provided by Google. You can use it to create online Forms for various needs.

This service has many uses that you can use for various daily needs, be it for research, surveys, registration forms, and much more.

Using Google Forms service means, you no longer need to print paper. With its practical use, you can even wear it whenever you want.

Below are some of the uses of Google Forms that we often encounter:

  1. Make a quiz or test online
  2. Doing a survey
  3. Create a form for citizen data collection
  4. Registration form
  5. Data collection and thesis research form
  6. Job application form

In addition to the usefulness of the Google Form, you also don’t have to worry about data being lost or tucked away. If you don’t understand how to make it then find out first how to make a Google Form.

To make it easier, Droidcops will try to explain how to easily create a Google Form. Check out his review below.

How to Make a Google Form

You can make Google Forms via cellphones, both Android phones and iOS cellphones. How to make a Google Form is also very easy.

Sign in on Google Forms

As a first step to using Google Forms, you must first sign in. Here’s how:

  • Open a web browser and enter the following address https://docs.google.com/Forms/u/0/
  • Then login with Gmail account
  • If you don’t have one, you can create a Gmail account first.

Creating Questions on Google Forms

Here are the steps to create a question in Google Form:

  • Go to Google Form page
  • Login with Gmail account
  • On the Google Form home page select ‘Blank Template’, or you can also choose an available template
  • Next, you can start filling in the title of the form and also a brief description.
  • You can start creating questions and also response options as answers.
  • After that, you can press the ‘add question’ menu on the side to add another question to the form.
  • To add an image select the menu ‘add image’ and ‘add video’ to add a video.
  • When finished, you can press the ‘Send’ option in the upper right corner.
  • You can send the finished Form via email, share to Facebook, Twitter or via the link

Viewing Responses or Feedback on Google Form

Here’s how to see responses from a Form that’s already been shared:

  • Go to Google Form page
  • Login with Gmail account
  • Select the form you want to see the results
  • Then press the ‘Responses’ option
  • To see one by one the completed forms or their summary through ‘Summary’
  • To see the results of the answers to each question can select ‘Question’
  • To see the answer can select ‘Individual’
  • If you want to save it via Sheets, then you can also do that by pressing the Sheets icon.

That’s how to make a Google Form that can be done very easily. You can create Google Forms as you wish, be it via cellphone, laptop, or PC.

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