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How to Clean Wireless, Optical and Mechanical Mouse | Pricebook

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Mouse is one of the important devices when we use a computer. This tiny tool even plays a vital role in navigating and running certain programs.

For this reason, you must be able to care for and clean the mouse regularly so that you can use your computer equipment optimally.

Characteristics of the Mouse Needs to be Cleaned

Before cleaning a computer mouse, we need to recognize the signs when the mouse should be cleaned. In an optical mouse, for example, usually when the mouse pointer moves, it can’t move smoothly.

This will cause the pointers to sometimes move randomly for no reason. As for the mechanical mouse, the sign is when the pointer movement becomes slower than usual.

In addition to these two types of mice, there is another type of mouse, namely a wireless mouse. Basically, the sign to recognize whether our wireless mouse needs to be cleaned or not, is the same as in an optical mouse.

The difference between these two types of mouse is in the technology, where optical mice still use cables, and wireless mice use batteries.

Here are tips and how to clean wireless, optical, and mechanical mice that you can try yourself.

How to Clean a Wireless Mouse

wireless mouseThe first thing to consider when cleaning a wireless mouse is to make sure that the mouse is not connected to a computer or laptop device.

Also make sure the battery in the mouse is removed. This needs to be done to avoid damage or short circuit to the mouse device because it is still connected to electrical power.

Use a microfiber cloth that has been moistened with a small amount of detergent and start gently rubbing the surface of the mouse. Oh yes, if you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you can replace it with wet wipes that you can buy at the mini market.

Make sure you wipe the entire surface of the mouse evenly, yes, up to the sidelines. For sensitive parts such as optics, use cotton bud which has been dipped in liquid detergent as well.

Just a little, no need to get too wet. Apply slowly and gently, lest we press the optical part too hard, because it can cause damage to the sensor. do the same thing on the mouse roll.

When you’re done with the steps above, take a dry cloth, or dry tissue, and start wiping the areas that are still wet on the surface of the mouse. Make sure all parts are dry before starting to use again.

How to Clean an Optical Mouse

optical mouseThe optical mouse works based on the light sensor under the mouse. Not surprisingly, this type of mouse must be used on a flat and smooth surface in order to work optimally. To maximize the performance of this mouse, you must clean this mouse from dust and dirt.

To clean this mouse does not take long, just 5 minutes. So clean this mouse at least once a month to help the mouse work optimally.

The first step, you have to unplug the mouse from the computer. Usually, today’s optical mice are connected to a computer using a USB cable.

If you are using a mouse with USB, you can simply unplug the mouse. However, if the mouse uses a different connector, you must first turn off the computer.

Once unplugged, you can check the area under the mouse, where the LED and lens are. Clean the area with cotton bud or earplugs.

You can add a little cleaning fluid to the cotton bud then clean into the lens and LED area. Remember not to apply liquid directly to the lens.

Gently remove dust and dirt. Don’t press too hard on the lens and the LED for fear that it will scratch and make the mouse work worse. After that, you can use cotton bud dry to clean these and other areas.

Place the mouse as usual to allow it to dry and any other debris to fall to the bottom before plugging it back into the computer.

How to Clean a Mechanical Mouse

mechanical mouseThe mechanical mouse works using a kind of ball that moves the 3 rollers inside the mouse. To clean this type of mouse, make sure you have unplugged it from the computer or laptop first.

Cleaning a mechanical mouse is a bit more complex than how to clean the previous two types of mouse, because it requires precision.

The next step after the mouse is unplugged is to open the cover on the bottom area of ​​the mouse. Take a dry microfiber cloth and start cleaning the balls and rollers inside.

Do it slowly and carefully because this part is quite sensitive. If you feel that there is no dirt stuck to it, put the cover back on as before.

That’s how to clean a wireless, optical and mechanical mouse that you can do yourself at home. After the mouse is cleaned, we will feel the difference when we use it again. Well, good luck!

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