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How to Change Instagram Icon on iOS and Android

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Instagram brings the latest special features that all Instagram users can enjoy. Starting from changes to application icons, warnings for negative comments, to the stories map.

The most prominent feature is the Instagram icon. Instagram made some design changes to its icon or logo. With this feature, we can customize our own Instagram icon on a smartphone to an old icon model.

Not only that, Instagram also offers a new icon model, which has never been released. Some of these new models include the Aurora, Gold, Pride, Sunrise, and Twilight, in addition to the simple Light, Dark, and Very Dark options. How to replace it?

How to Change the New Instagram Icon

Before doing this step, make sure your Instagram is updated to the latest version. Here’s how to change the icon on your Instagram that can be done for Android and iOS users.

1. Open Instagram

How to Change Instagram Icon on iOS and Android

To get started, go to your Instagram profile, tap the three-strip (-) menu icon that slides down at the top right of the screen, then select “Settings”

2. Refresh Screen

How to Change Instagram Icon on iOS and Android

After entering the settings page, refresh the screen or drag the screen down, the Instagram icon costume display will immediately appear.

3. Select Icon

Next, you will be given the option of 12 additional icons to choose from. There are four classic icons that were from the previous version, and you will find new custom icons with colorful options.

4. Apply on Screen

On iPhone, simply select the icon, then press “OK”. Whereas on Android, select one, then tap “Add automatically” to place it on your home screen.

Since this feature is a special feature in celebration of his birthday, Instagram did not clarify whether this feature is permanent, or will disappear after October. So, while you still can, try it, come on!

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