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How to calculate the value of raided villages in Coin Master – Droidcops

During the spins of the slot machine, it can happen that we get the prize of assault or attack. If this happens, we can calculate the value of our reward or booty in a very simple way.

How to calculate the value of attacks on villages

In the case of attacks, the value of your reward varies depending on two factors:

  • Your level village.
  • If the attack is effective, or if it protects.

In the event that your village level is low, your reward It won’t go much beyond 100,000 or 200,000 coins.

What’s more, if the attack does not take effect due to the opponent’s protection (which can be either by shield, or by the defense of the pet Rhino), then the value of the reward could be reduced even by half.

Therefore, ideal to get a high amount of coins for each attackis having a very advanced village, as well as being lucky enough to be touched by an opponent without shields or without Rino’s pet awake.

How to Calculate the Value of Village Raids

In the case of rounds (which, as you will remember, consist of digging up 3 holes with prizes: coins or chests), the value is indicated on the top of the slot machinejust below the opponent’s player’s name.

Village Value in Coin Master Raids
How to calculate the value of raided villages in Coin Master - Droidcops 4

This is very interesting because, if the maximum value of your village is 500,000 coins, 2 of your holes will have 25% of that amount, 1 hole will have the remaining 50%, and the last hole will have nothing hidden.

Here, you will have to be lucky to choose the hole with 50% of the value of the village, and another with 25% of its value.

There is a trick that consists of pressing two of the holes in the village at the same time. If you press them slowly and at the same time, the game will automatically dig up that hole where there is a prize. However, it is a difficult technique to apply and sometimes it does not work at all.

The best thing is that we always have free spins, either with the tips or with the links with free spins, to have more options to make assaults or attacks, and thus increase the levels of our village.

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