How many levels does Candy Crush have in total to this day?

How many levels does Candy Crush have in total until today? It is one of the questions that millions of players ask themselves. More than to complete this challenge, out of mere curiosity, because it seems that there was no end and many have come to wonder if they will be able to reach the last link.

Candy Crush has become the favorite of many around the world just like Pokémon Unite. In fact, the own King company He has embraced it and has placed special emphasis on updates to be able to give his loyal fans everything they need to stay hooked as you progress through the level.

How many levels does candy crush have?

How many levels does Candy Crush have?

If you go at least level 900 of Candy Crush, you still have a long way to go. At the time this article is written there are 7,235 levels, and around 70 worlds to explore.

And we say “so far” because surely King’s team must already be working on new adventures.

In case you did not know and to increase your knowledge a bit we leave you some additional information. And is that Candy Crush is a box of surprises, and is updated weekly. The platform always goes one foot in front and excels at making players live new experiences.

Now, another question that has haunted the minds of users is: How high will Candy Crush go? And precisely to that we have no answer. This is because success is still latent for the company and user acceptance continues to grow.

Despite having been operating since 2013, this application has not lost its effectiveness. In fact, new players keep downloading and using it on a daily basis. In addition, the strategies for not making the game monotonous have been excellent, not to mention that “line up the candies”Every day becomes more interesting.

inventory in candy crush

How is the last level of Candy Crush?

You must imagine that it is not easy at all! Our intention is not to reveal surprises, but we can anticipate a few things:

  • There are many new obstacles and possible combinations with extras. With this, you increase your skills and you will put into practice your strategy capacity, which among other things must be elevated because you are already at the end.
  • You can use 4 boosters. Something very positive, since without them it is impossible!

And for the rest, we better let you experience it yourself. What we recommend is that in the end you save as many boosters as you can. If you have the opportunity to have lollipops and a lot of gold, don’t waste it. Gear up for the finale!

As we mentioned before, level 7,235 is not well known by many today. However, this could change at any time and keep the level counter increasing. All we have to do is wait, with such success it seems almost impossible that this is the end.

6 things you probably didn’t know about Candy Crush

Just as we have told you today about how many levels Candy Crush has, we are going to give you much more and we are going to talk about those things that exist and you may not have found out. Among them are:

  1. If for various reasons you have not been able to follow your game in Candy Crush, and you want to continue the same application receives you in a friendly way with bonuses of free spins or gold bars, they can give you up to 50! Sure, if you’ve been offline for a long time.
gold bars in candy crush
  1. Take advantage of video baskets. They usually appear before you start the game or when you are about to change levels. You can also go to events and click on “Sweet cinema“Is great, you watch a video and you have the option to play the traditional” 3 in a row “game and earn an additional booster.
  2. You can challenge friends or participate in the weekly competition. This gives you a chance to win more gold. It never hurts a few ingots, especially when you are in the levels of greater difficulty.
  3. Have you noticed that when you win a level, candy continues to explode and a “skip” button appears? Well, if you want to have a higher score you should not click, this only slows down the score and although you have already passed the level you will not be able to beat your friends who did have the patience to wait.
free videos at candy crush
  1. Check your message box. Many friends can text you with extra lives or gifts. If you ignore it or let it go they accumulate, and that’s not good. Apparently if you have more than 30 messages you run the risk of losing them all. The solution ?: Easy, update the tray every two or three days and that’s it.

An additional tip

For identify the levels with the greatest difficulty it is best to watch the presentation before starting the game. If it turns purple and says “nightmare level” or something similar. Take action immediately! Be willing to overcome a little torture to be able to advance to the next one.

Play Candy Crush it is one of the most relaxing things in the world. It is the perfect game to leave daily stress, wait to be attended or in the middle of a queue on the public road. You can play wherever you want, at the time you want and between candies, sweets and / or sweets you let the time pass without major worries.

You have already learned today how many levels of Candy Crush there are and some tricks. In future installments we will give you more information about your favorite games.

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