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Homescapes is a free casual puzzle game for mobile, developed and published by Playrix. Since 2017, it has won a space among fans of the 3 in a row genre. Is direct sequel to Gardenscapes, it hooks you for hours, days or even years. The most dedicated players have been passing this title for years and have allowed us to know what the latest level of Homescapes is like.

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It collects the best known dynamics of the genre, which has been triumphing since Candy Crush Saga, and adds elements that guarantee a lot of fun. The best thing is that it is not a game that you finish quickly, allowing you to always have something to do. Although not all of us have the time or the desire to wait.

Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to go through the entire game to see what the latest Homescapes level looks like. From Droidcops we will get you out of your doubts, and we will show you if it is really worth playing. I anticipate that it is worth it. But if you want to achieve a feat of which few are able to boast, then you should follow some tips that will help you along the way.

What you need to know about the last level of Homescapes

Despite being a 3-in-a-row game like so many others, Homescapes maintains its own story. It begins with the arrival of Austin, an experienced butler, to the mansion where he lived in his childhood. Austin’s parents are determined to sell the old mansion, which is in constant disrepair.

However, with our help the butler will do everything possible to avoid losing this place, which has great sentimental value. Each level offers us stars, prizes and bonuses that allow us to perform certain actions in the game to clean, accommodate and remodel the mansion. Although the idea of ​​the game is to focus on home improvements, you can reach the last level without using any stars.

Homescapes has to date 7945 levels. The last level is not necessarily the most difficult, however, it does implement updated elements and you usually have to meet several objectives. The most interesting thing is that the developers update Homescapes every week, adding new levels.

All the levels that are integrated with each update, have been tested, are unique and are incorporated little by little. To reach the last level of Homescapes, it is necessary to dedicate many hours, or even years to it. Few people make it to the end, but if you do it and you feel like you don’t have more to do, you can still participate in the different tournaments or events to keep moving forward.

If you want to achieve this feat, you must follow some key recommendations that will be useful to you.

5 tips to get to the last level of Homescapes

Although not everyone takes the task of completing the game and reaching the last level of Homescapes, that does not mean that it is very difficult. On one occasion we discussed the main tricks to advance in Homescapes quickly. These come to be some tips to ensure victory.

Don’t rush the plays

Beat Homescapes level

One feature of Homescapes is that it doesn’t rely on a timer to measure the time between plays. You can use that to your advantage, as you don’t need to rush your movements to move forward. Instead, you need to think carefully about each move and move intelligently, with the correct tiles.

Items such as bonuses and power-ups are essential to complete the level with as few moves as possible. These power-ups are not difficult to obtain, but for this you must combine 4 or more tiles. Rarely will the movement hints in the game be useful, keep that in mind.

Get bonuses or powers

Homescapes pumps

In each level your objective is to complete a task with the least amount of movements possible. To achieve this you will need the help of some objects known as bonuses or powers. Each power provides a specific play and allows you to get rid of a large number of chips at once.

There are 4 powers in total and to get them it is necessary to do the following:

  • Rocket: Match 4 tiles in a row and break the entire row of tiles vertically or horizontally.
  • Bomb: Match 5 tiles in an L or T shape and remove an area of ​​2 squares around it.
  • Paper plane: Combine 4 tiles in a square and break 4 tiles in the shape of a cross, plus one chosen at random.
  • Rainbow ball: Combine 5 or more tiles in a row and choose the closest tile or the one with the largest quantity in the level, to eliminate all of the same type.

If you want to improve the destructive power of the bonuses to reach the last level of Homescapes, you can combine them. This way you progress much faster in the game.

Combine the best enhancers

Homescapes Boosters

The combination of power-ups is necessary if you need to improve the effectiveness of each power. This can be truly in the toughest areas, even if the last level of Homescapes is difficult. Avoid wasting moves and try long combinations like the following:

  • Pump + pump: doubles the radius of the blast, from 2 to 4 tiles.
  • Bomb + Rocket: removes 3 cells from the rows and columns along the level.
  • Rocket + Rocket– destroy horizontal and vertical tiles at the same time.
  • Bomb or Rocket + Paper Plane– Shoot a normal plane and transfer the second bonus.
  • Plane + Plane– Deploy three planes reaching different targets.
  • Rainbow ball + other power– Converts the type of tile that is most on the board into the second bonus and activates it.
  • Rainbow Ball + Rainbow Ball– Clear all tiles on the level and destroy a layer of obstacles.

The more difficult a level is, the better it is for you to get the most matches with 4 or 5 tiles, in addition to using bombs and combinations. You can also use level boosters like hammer, mallet, or gloves, which have an effect to destroy tiles without consuming moves.

Participate in the events

Homescapes events

Events are additional content that appears in-game seasonally and are only accessible for a limited time. Although usually coincide with the festive season (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.) and are included in the most important updates, there are also weekly events. All events indicate when it ends, and by participating you can win some eye-catching prizes.

There are also the leagues, which appear in competitive events. Currently, there are 5 leagues and the prizes depend on your position on the leaderboard when playing against other players. To overcome them you must have a good score and go up in the league, since the higher you are, the better prizes you will receive.

You can participate even if you are in the last level of Homescapes, to continue improving the Austin mansion.

Play for fun

Homescapes Boosters 2 Cheats
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Ultimately the most important thing in Homescapes is not meeting a goal or winning a specific competition, but having fun in the process. This game still has a lot to offer And even if you’ve reached the last level of Homescapes at this point, that may change with future updates.

Do not miss all the news that we bring from Droidcops, where you will find the best tricks, tips, tutorials and news about your favorite mobile games.

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