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If you are looking for a game that will distract you for hours, with entertaining and simple dynamics, Homescapes is ideal for you. But don’t let it fool you, even though at first it seems a little complicated gameAs you progress between levels, the difficulty of the puzzles makes itself felt. Did a level make you gray and you need help? Here we bring you some Homescapes tricks to get out of more than one trouble and solve any puzzle.

Homescapes hack

Considering that Homescapes has too many levels, at least more than 100, at some point you may not find a solution. With the help of these tricks you can advance between levels, without cheating and without sacrificing fun. You may even get so good that you manage to complete it, a feat very few can boast of.

How does Homescapes work? Main features

If you do not know Homescapes, you may have found the most addictive mobile game, free for iOS and Android, of the moment. It is a game of logic developed by Playrix, in which you have to help Austin the virtual butler to decorate and organize a mansion, surpassing several levels.

In this exercise of skill and creativityIn the style of Candy Crush online, you solve puzzles to complete missions in the shortest time possible. Throughout each level you will collect coins, lives, power-ups and special objects. All this provides a certain advantage, it also works for Homescapes cheats that will allow you to advance much easier between levels.

Homescapes level 3

Homescapes is an extension of Gardenscape, preserving the same concept with a very well achieved visual quality. It is for all ages, and although the first levels are very simple, as you progress the levels increase in complexity and required cognitive ability. It is also free, although it has a micro payment system to buy coins, lives and objects with real money.

5 tricks to advance in Homescapes

Given the great popularity of this game, we explain some Homescapes tricks to avoid getting stuck in a level for hours. Although you don’t need hacks, some tricks require patience and perseverance. However, when you least expect it, you will be progressing at all levels.

Get Bombs

Homescapes bombs to move to the next level

One way to advance faster in Homescapes is to collect as many bombs as possible. To do this you have to break, or combine, from 4 tiles in the game’s puzzles. The bombs are very useful objects every time you need to get out of the tedious moments of the game, and you can use 4 key movements to get them.

  • Rocket: You get the rocket by combining the 4 tiles in a row, with that you can break a whole row horizontally or a whole vertical column without any problem.
  • Bomb: Combine 5 squares and break an area of ​​2 squares around it.
  • Rainbow ball: This is achieved by combining 5 tiles in a row. In doing so, randomly convert several pieces of the puzzle into the same one you combined and they will also explode.
  • Paper plane: To get the paper plane, you must get a combination of 4 in a square and in this way the boxes above, below, right and left are broken. In addition to another that has nothing to do with the puzzle combination, a completely random tile.

The ideal is to cause a chain of explosions, since by activating one bomb after another you will be able to break more tiles with the least amount of movements. With this Homescapes hack, you progress faster.

Increase your lives

Homescapes Full Lives Tricks

As in any game, lives are something fundamental to progress, which allow you to mark the number of attempts you have. In total there are 5 and to compensate for the lives lost, the game itself provides lives after a certain amount of time, it also offers bonuses on a daily basis.

Even so, many users seek to increase their lives and on the Internet you can get some hacks that seem to work. However, our advice is to avoid all kinds of malicious programs of this kind, especially when they ask for personal information from your social networks. To increase the lives you can use a simple Homescapes hack that works on Android and iOS and does not require any external programs.

The way to get lives quickly is changing the date and time of the device, ahead of you by at least a day with a couple of minutes. Once this is done, you must close the game and reopen it, so you don’t have to wait for the game time to fill your lives.

Later wait a reasonable time before setting the time, because if you do it too quickly you could reverse the progress. If you try again the same day, you have to enter an earlier time and date. Although many times it works, miscarrying the date of the mobile is not very practical.

Homescapes lives free on Facebook

Another way to get lives fast is ask your Facebook friends that are linked to the game. What you should keep in mind is that the lives they give you are discounted to them, meaning that nothing is free. Link with Facebook also helps you get coins, as you will see in the next point, you can use to buy more lives.

Earn and manage coins

Coins are in-game items that you can use to upgrade your mansion and buy things like extra lives, special moves, or power-ups. Due to the wide possibility they offer, a good trick of Homescapes is to use them wisely.

There are different ways to get coins, without hacks or cheats:

  • Pass levels: This is the easiest way to obtain them, since by completing each level we win from 50 coins. You can achieve many more depending on the amount of movements that remain in each game, so the better you play, the greater the reward in coins.
  • Complete the tasks: Although Austin’s tasks do not leave us direct rewards, by completing some of them you can access certain daily events. Here a message from some other character in the game usually appears that he is going to give you coins or also another important reward. This is a way to earn up to 500 or more coins at a time.
  • Look at the ads: Another trick in Homescapes that works to earn coins is to watch the ads in videos. For every 30-second ad-supported video you can earn 100 coins, which is a good reward. However, the number of videos available is not very wide and you must find the time of day when the offer of videos improves. Something that usually happens during the early morning.
  • Synchronize Facebook: The easiest way to get 1,000 coins at once is by associating your game account with your Facebook profile. Although it is effective immediately, it only works once.
  • Daily bonus: With the special daily bonus tasks, you can collect a certain amount of coins. Tasks are grouped by days, and some days the rewards are even boosters.
  • Buy them: In addition to all the above alternatives, it is also possible to buy coins with real money. The cost varies depending on the number of coins you are going to buy, but there are fairly inexpensive packages that are worth it. For payments you need a credit card or you can use the payment methods supported by the Play Store.

Once you have collected a lot of coins, it is best to invest them in power-ups. This element of great importance in the game will help you solve certain levels quickly. On the other hand, the purchase of movements is an unnecessary expense, unless you have a lot of problems with some very specific level. Nor do I recommend buying extra lives, since you can get them for free.

Use power-ups correctly

Power-ups are the best Homescapes tricks, as they can be used to perform special moves in a single turn. These power-ups, or boosters, are accumulative and are obtained as you advance between levels or also as special prizes. Bombs are a type of power-up.

Homescapes power-ups

Are divided into: rainbow beam, double bomb, rainbow beam with dynamite, shovel, rake, hammer and gloves.

Each one has a unique function, but if you want to take advantage of them correctly, then you must find suitable combinations to achieve devastating effects. Once you accumulate many of these enhancers and if you have adapted to their operation, you can use them in 2 key moments.

  1. In the beginning: This option is perfect if you know the puzzle you are playing, so as not to waste it and allow a more complete effect. You just have to place them before starting the level.
  2. During the game: You can also use power-ups at any time during the game, to remove the most chip and advance the level with the fewest moves. This Homescapes hack helps you optimize your moves for better rewards.

If you have excess movements At the end of a level, some bombs will be activated automatically to continue scoring points. Take advantage of them.

Homescapes Boosters 2 Cheats

Beware of special items

As you progress between the levels, you may notice that things get tricky. Different obstacles interfere with the combination of certain pieces, making it difficult for you to advance. Usually you will have to eliminate the obstacles, making the tiles disappear. Some only disappear when removed from the board. Power-ups have no effect on these obstacles, so you’re going to need your wits.

More than Homescapes tricks, our advice is that you manage each of the elements well, such as coins and power-ups. Play with a strategy starting with eliminating the bottom rows, but if you fail don’t worry. Sometimes you just need a break for the solutions to come by themselves.

At this point you should already have the necessary tools to advance in Homescapes. The most important thing is to enjoy this addictive game, which is garnering rave reviews. If you have any questions or know any other Homescapes trick, leave us your comment. We will be reading you.

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