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Here’s what a VPN won’t be able to do

The VPN they are very useful and also increasingly used. However they have limitations. There are things that we will not be able to achieve simply by installing these types of programs. We are going to see which are the main ones, since sometimes users believe that they are more protected or they will not have certain problems, but in reality it is the opposite.

Limitations of a VPN

VPN, security and privacy often go hand in hand on many occasions. But of course, it will not always be this way. It is true that these types of applications can hide certain data when browsing and, also, improve security when accessing a public Wi-Fi, for example. But we can meet limitations in which it is not really going to fulfill what we believe in.

Doesn’t completely protect privacy

The first limitation is that a VPN is not going to fully protect the Privacy. Although it can encrypt the connections and hide data such as the IP address or where we are, it will not prevent us from putting more information about the account when registering on a page or logging in to a platform.

Therefore, privacy will continue to depend a lot on how we navigate and how careful we are. Common sense will be essential here and not make mistakes when entering a website or using any online service.

You can download viruses anyway

According to the security we can say that more of the same. Although our connection is more secure when we enter a public Wi-Fi network and avoiding Man-in-the-Middle attacks, for example, it will not protect us from downloading malware. We could download a program or file that is actually a virus.

In this case, to be really protected we are going to have to have a good antivirus. This type of program will be able to detect threats and will allow us to eliminate malware that is on our system. In addition, we will also have to keep the equipment up to date.

What are Man in the Middle attacks

Accelerate Internet

Another myth that sometimes appears is that a VPN is capable of making our Internet go faster. This is not the case, since the speed of our connection is what it is. Even when using this type of application we can have significant speed limitations, since all the information has to go through an intermediary first.

If you are looking to speed up the Internet, a VPN is not your best ally. You should even use a good VPN to ensure proper operation and as little loss as possible. Therefore, speed is a myth when using a VPN.

Doesn’t block specific connections

Nor will it prevent us from connecting to certain connections or programs. It will not act as a firewall, where we can choose which applications we want to connect to the network and which ones we want to be blocked and not have access to avoid possible attacks or spend more account data.

A VPN could allow us to access certain services that may be geographically restricted, for example. But it will not prevent us from connecting to other platforms that we want to block.

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