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Goblin Giant – Droidcops

On this occasion, through a small clip shared through Twitter, we were given a glimpse of what the Giant Goblin is. It is also possible to observe how the method to attack and combat him could be, this time, he faced a Barbarian. The first thing you notice about the enemy is their attack range. In the gameplay, the space that covers when attacking with your opponent is marked. In the same way, its speed is notorious, which is much slower than that of the Barbarian.

For his part, regarding the method and secret to face the Giant Goblin, he could focus on don’t lash out with him. That is, according to what can be seen in the video, the ideal is to attack it from the sides or from the back. In this way you can guarantee the health of the character you are fighting with.

Also, it will be necessary to be consistent with the blows thrown at the Giant Goblin if we want to defeat him. Well, you can also see the health bar of this, and, with the few attacks received in the clip, the bar dropped very little. Which means that the Giant Goblin has great resistance against attacks. Some followers of the video game commented before the clip how difficult it will be to defeat him, it is even believed that this will not be the final version of the character.

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