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Giant in Clash Quest: how it is and what functions does it have – Droidcops

On July 26, the creators of Clash Quest through their official Twitter account revealed a new character for the video game. For those who are followers of other installments such as Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, the giant’s character is an old acquaintance.

What news does the Giant bring us in Clash Quest?

In the twitter post, you can see a small clip showcasing some of the giant’s attack capabilities in Clash Quest. Everything indicates that when obtaining a good combo, the damage that this character inflicts on his enemy will be exceptional (the better his team, the more damage he will do). However, its speed and type of attack remains the same as those we already knew in other Clash games.

In the same way, a rather convincing strategy is also presented to apply against the closest enemies. This consists of keeping three groups of the giant in the first and second lines for the attack. Also, to start the clip the creators present us with the character of the giant as an element of power, strength and support.

Everything seems to indicate that, the giant will not disappoint us at all in Clash Quest. The little that its creators have taught us, fills us with eagerness to use it as soon as possible in our games.

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