Get to know Ethlas Metaverse, an NFT Game for Free Crypto Mining!

Ethlas might be one games Best NFT 2021 the most idolized gamers at the moment.

That’s because Ethlas not only accompanied them in their spare time, but games it is also claimed to be able to help gamers earn crypto money for free and easy.

So, are you interested in playing Ethlas? Before playing it, you must see ApkVenue’s review of how to play and mine crypto on Ethlas first so you don’t get confused.

Just take a look below!

Get to know Ethlas Metaverse NFT Game


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As you know that currently there are many ways that can be done to get crypto coins. One is by playing games in Ethlas.

Ethlas or Ethlas Metaverse is streaming platform which provides a variety of casual games for players gamers have fun and earn money at the same time.

Games provided on Ethlas is similar games available on Nintendo, among others, such as puzzles, arcades, and many others.

While playing at Ethlas, you will be accompanied by Komo, Ethlas’ exclusive NFT item. Each Komo has a different character and with Komo you will mine crypto.

Do not worry, games You can get this Blockchain-based NFT play for free without the need for a subscription.

Thanks to the service free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E) You don’t even spend money to play.

In fact, you will get 200 GEMs (Genuine Ethlas Money) for free. GEMs are Ethlas currency that you can convert into cash.

In addition to GEMs, Ethlas Metaverse also has a special token that was just launched on December 28, namely ELS (Ethlas Government Token) or also known as ERC-20.

Download Ethlas Metaverse

If you want to reminisce playing games old school while looking for extra money, you must try Ethlas, gang.

Unfortunately, Ethlas is not available on the Google Play Store. You can only access it via the official website of Ethlas which is below.

Version Release Date Featured Features Download Link
Official site December 2021 Click here

How to Register the Latest Ethlas Game NFT

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When you click on the link above, you won’t go straight to gameplayher, gang. You must register first. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the official Ethlas website which is above or visit the URL

  2. Click ‘Play Ethlas’ to start registering.

  3. After that, WalletConnect will appear for connecting Ethlas to Metamask (If you don’t have a Metamask account, please create one first, OK).

  4. If you have connected your Metamask account to, then you can already play on this platform.

How to Play & Earn Money in Ethlas Metaverse

As Droidcops said earlier, Ethlas will not only be your playmate. However, the play-to-earn concept offered will help you add passive income easily.

How to play on Ethlas is very easy. If you have already registered, please follow the steps below.

  1. choose games you want > then play.

  2. If you win, you will get points in the form of GEMs.

  3. You will also get an additional point of 40 Gems if you make it into the Top 300 Leaderboard.

  4. You can also enter tournaments to get prizes.

  5. Besides playing, another way is to follow Furtune of Wheel. If you are lucky, you will get GEMs or even NFT items.

  6. The last way is to share the invitation code. If you manage to invite friends to join Ethlas, you will get GEMs or other attractive prizes.

For information, there are six games classics at Ethlas, including:

  • Sugar Attack, which is a puzzle game.

  • Ethlas 101, which is a block building game.

  • CyberPunk 2048, which is a game to arrange numbers.

  • finally Bounce Bounce, To the Moon, and Bobba Poppa.

Ethlas Metaverse Featured

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As games Money-making NFT, Ethlas Metaverse of course has a number of excellent features which is not inferior to other NFT games. Here are the superior features.

1. Various Casual Games Available

Ethlas Metaverse offers a gaming experience games Very fun NFT. In one platform, you can play six games at once.

Of course, it will make you addicted and more enthusiastic about mining GEMs to make money.

2. Exclusive NFT Items

Quoted from the official Ethlas website, an NFT item called Komo is an NFT series that was deliberately created to reward players.

That’s because the Ethlas developer didn’t want the items to be ordinary, so the NFT item series was made for players.

3. Many Ways to Get Crypto Coins

In addition to prioritizing the fun factor by presenting games casual, Ethlas also provides various ways for you to mine crypto coins.

Not only by playing games, through Ethlas, you can also increase the coffers of income in the way that ApkVenue has mentioned above.

4. Free

Last, but not least, Ethlas can be accessed for free so you don’t have to subscribe to enjoy all available games.

The final word

Well, that was Droidcops’s review about NFT game ethlas. If you are curious to try your luck just by playing games, then it never hurts to try Ethlas.

However, Droidcops is firm that not all games NFT can give money directly when you first play. There is a long process and sacrifices that you have to go through.

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