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Extreme Test Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass, How Tough? | Droidcops

The screen is one of the most important components of a cellphone. Without a screen, all the menus in it cannot be seen or operated.

Not only that, the price of the cellphone screen is also quite expensive. Especially if the cellphone you are using is a flagship class, like Samsung or iPhone. The replacement fee can be half the price of the cellphone.

But the problem is, the screen is one of the components most at risk of damage. Either scratched or even broken, thus reducing the comfort when you use it.

Well, one way to protect the cellphone screen is to use a protector or screen protector. Of the many screen protectors on the market, one that you can try is Screen Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass.

Why? Because this screen protector already uses Hydrogel Fiber Glass material. Where it is made of 3 layers, namely hydrogel film, antishock film and oleophobic glass finishing.

That’s why, Uneed claims that their product can protect smartphone screens from all kinds of risks. Starting from scratches to things that are more extreme than that. Is that right?

To prove it, Droidcops will try to do an unusual test. Let’s see how we tested the toughness of Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass below.

Glass Feel

Uneed Hybrid Pro GlassBasically, every smartphone screen already has an Oleophobic coating, but over time that layer will erode. Well, the function of this Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass is to protect and replace the layer.

In this Glaas Feel test, we will drip water and shake it to prove if this Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass coating does have an Oleophobic glass finish.

The results are indeed very evident if the Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass has an oleophobic coating. So you could say Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass is very suitable for gamers who need a screen protector that is smooth like glass when used.

Scratch Test

Uneed Hybrid Pro GlassThe next test we did was a scratch test to prove its toughness to protect the cellphone screen from scratches. There were several experiments carried out.

The first is by cutting the Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass using coins, keys, screwdrivers, nails and knives. Keys and coins may be things that we sometimes forget to put in our pockets.

As a result, this Uneed screen protector is able to withstand scratches. Although there are a few scratches, we think it’s normal because it does it with force.

Pressure Test

Uneed Hybrid Pro GlassThe final test that we will try is the pressure test. The trick is to hit the screen protector that has been installed on the smartphone using a hammer. Do you think Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass can protect the screen or not?

Unexpectedly, the test by hitting the screen with a hammer did not have any effect on the screen. Extraordinary.


Those are the extreme results of the tests we did on the Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass. This screen protector is actually able to protect the smartphone screen very well.

Evident from all tests there are no significant obstacles on the screen. And what we like about Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass is that it has Self Heal technology, where scratches or fine scratches when used normally will disappear in less than 48 hours.

But keep in mind, this technology only removes fine scratches, not thick and deep scratches like we did above.

Because basically, the main function of a screen protector is to protect the cellphone screen for everyday use. And Uneed Hybrid Pro Glass is highly recommended.

For more details, watch the video below:

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