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The internal system rules in Brawl Stars are usually organized to reduce to the minimum the possibility of repeating a Brawler. This is done with the intention of allowing more balanced games, and among so many characters available, there are always different options to choose from.

However, when players are rewarded with a new Brawler in a trophy match, things change. Last year we had an almost historical fact with the arrival of Edgar and it is repeating itself, this time with the appearance of Grom. The rules change again and we run into a meta full of repeating characters.

The arrival of Grom causes repetition of Brawlers

Grom brawl stars

For years, the repetition of Brawlers has become a common prohibition in the game, especially in competitions. The developers try to promote a suitable combination of roles between the characters, which maintains the synergy of each game.

But with the arrival of Grom, decided to increase the permissiveness knowing that most players want to put the crazy bomber to the test. At least that is how Frank Keienburg himself, leader of the game and responsible for making decisions, has explained it.

The change in the code to allow a higher repetition than usual it’s a temporary feature. It applies to all characters in the game, so don’t be surprised if you face more Mortis or Leon than usual. Plus, you’re sure to see Grom himself in action a lot.

Although it can be a setback for those who seek to advance on a regular basis, it also means an interesting challenge. These changes are noticeable in the arena, when you receive consecutive attacks from several Grom. Nothing better than a play like this to work on agility and mobility.

Either way, it’s a logical decision that we see with every new free Brawler appearance. And with Grom coming from one of the easiest challenges in Brawl Stars history, it’s time to hold on until they decide to restore the game to its own normality.

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