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Download ZArchiver Pro MOD APK v0.9.5.8 , Full Donate & Premium Free!

ZArchiver Pro MOD APK could be a solution for those of you who want to send a lot of files via Smartphone. This application will help you to unify all these files into one folder that you can send via email, bluetooth, cloud, and others.

Well, in this modified version there are a number of free features that you can get. So that makes this application even more useful.

Instead of waiting any longer, here is what Droidcops provides immediately download link Zarchiver Pro APK is free. Enjoy its cool and exciting features!

>>> Download ZArchiver Pro MOD APK v0.9.5.8 <<<

ZArchiver Pro MOD APK Blue at a Glance

Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk Blue 09142

ZArchiver is a special application for archiving. Usually you can use it to open files of this type .rar, .zip, tar, gzip, wim, and many other formats.

In addition, you can also summarize various files into one folder. This application is very helpful especially if you need to send large files via email on your cellphone.

For information, ZArchiver there are two types of applications, one is green, the other is blue.

Applications that are green are just ordinary applications with various limitations.

While the blue application is named ZArchiver Donate, or what is often referred to as ZArchiver Pro, because it provides premium features.

However, in order to use this feature, you need to pay a fee (in the form of a donation to the ZArchiver project) of IDR 20,000.

So that you can experience these premium features, ApkVenue has provided a free modified version that you can use download in this article.

Download ZArchiver Pro APK Latest Blue 2021

Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk Pure 211dd

This application comes with full features that you can directly access for free, without having to pay first!

No need to hesitate to install this application because this application is one of the most popular archiving applications

If you want to try and buy the official version, Droidcops has also provided the Play Store link below.

Details ZArchiver Donate MOD APK v0.9.5.8
Developer ZDevs
Minimal OS Varies by device
Size Varies by device

Not only the latest version, ApkVenue also provides several previous versions as your option when you want to install it on your Android phone.

Version Release Date Featured Features Download Link
Original April 29, 2021 Play Store August 23, 2021 1. Unlock Pro Features
2. No ads
Click here

Difference ZArchiver Pro Original & MOD

Because this is a modified version, of course the MOD version will feel a little different than the original version. So what are the differences?

ZArchiver Original ZArchiver Pro APK MOD
Limited features. All features unlocked.
There is pop-up advertisement. Free from ads.
Limited time. No time limit.

ZArchiver Pro APK Featured Features MOD version

The features in the MOD version of ZArchiver are similar to the original application. However, since this is a modified app, you can access all the features you need to pay for in the original app.

You no longer need to spend money to pay for the premium features found in this application.

Stay download With this application, you can directly access all its features easily! For more details, you can see the features of the following modified version.

1. Compress Large Files

Zarchiver Mod Apk 2021 Da29c

Zarchiver can help you with your work compress large files which will be sent.

For example, the previous file size was 2GB, if archived using this application, the size can be reduced by more than half.

Very helpful right? Especially for those of you who use Potato Smartphone or have small memory specifications.

2. User Interface Simple

Download Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk 2020 79710

The MOD version of the ZArchiver Pro APK application is one of the most favorite archiving applications because user interface which is simple and easy.

Because it is simple, it makes various groups of people able to use the application smoothly and easily.

Especially if you’re a bit clueless, you won’t have any problems using this application.

3. No Ads

Download Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk Blue A6688

One other feature that is quite fun in this application is that you can be content to archive and compress files without being bothered by ads.

Because it has been modified, enjoy the document archive experience without being bothered by banner ads or pop-up Ads that like to appear suddenly.

You definitely like to be annoyed when you’re serious about archiving important documents and even get distracted because of advertisements, right?

How to Install ZArchiver Pro MOD APK

To install the ZArchiver Pro MOD APK application, it’s not difficult, gang. You just follow the steps below.

  1. Delete the previous version of the ZArchiver Pro app if any.

  2. Go to Smartphone Settings > Security & enable Unknown Source.

  3. Download APK file that ApkVenue has provided above.

  4. Click the ZArchiver Pro APK file and install on the device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if prompted).

  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

The final word

Those were some descriptions of the interesting features and download link The latest ZArchiver Pro APK, gang.

In addition, Droidcops also recommends the WinRAR application, a .rar file opener for Android in the following article:

Is there an application or software what you want download also from Droidcops? Leave your message in the comments column, okay?

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