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Coin Master is a popular app from the Moon Active company whose objective is to advance in the construction of your village, to reach the highest possible level.

To do this, you must use coins. Lots of coins. These are obtained in different ways: by opening chests, completing events and missions, exchanging cards with friends, or completing card collections.

Below you can select our Guides to Advance in Coin Master, as well as discovering the best tricks for the game.

Guides to get free spins

First of all, we present you the best tips to accumulate spins on the Coin Master machine and advance in the development of the constructions of your village. Thanks to them, you can get millions of coins and unique rewards.

Special events that repeat every week

Every day one of these weekly events appears, in which we will have the possibility of winning extra rewards, among which we find: spins, experience, food for your pet or chests.

That said, we will detail the 10 tricks to advance in Coin Master in the fastest and most effective way possible:

Get the maximum of free spins

Coinmaster Free Spins

Getting free spins is probably the most interesting incentive in the Coin Master game. With them, we can get countless prizes and rewards.

Well, you should know that there are a large number of quick and effective methods to achieve these runs. To mention some of them: every hour they give you 5 free spins, every time you go up the village they give you another 25 spins, when you invite friends they also give you up to 60 spins, and in the slot machine itself you have the prize of free spins.

In addition, you will not only have the opportunity to obtain them in those ways, but also, when you reach village 11, you will get the rewards calendar with which they will give you even more daily prizes.

However, if this list falls short, we recommend that you read our following guide, where we go into greater detail and tell you many effective strategies to get even more:

Take advantage of free spins every day

As we just mentioned, every hour they give us 5 free spins for the slot machine. But there is more.

Every 24 hours, the official Coin Master company offers us some prizes that we can redeem at the moment in exchange for coins and free spins, which normally go from 10 to 25 free spins a day, and up to 2 million coins a day.

To do this, you will only have to click on the corresponding link with the prize. Here are all the links updated every day:

Guess how much your loot will be

Get chests in Coin Master raids

When we carry out an assault, we can predict how much is the maximum number of coins that we can take for it.

To see it, simply have to look at the amount of coins under the username of the person we are going to assault. From there, calculate: there is 1 hole with nothing, 2 with 25%, and 1 with the remaining 50%.

Now it is a matter of luck that you find the three holes that have the coins. Courage, you can get it!

Take advantage of your pet Foxy

all pets coin master

Pets are a huge draw in games, and Coin Master wasn’t going to be left behind.

In fact, we have the possibility to unlock 3 pets, each of them with special abilities: Foxy (extra coins in raids), Rhino (extra defense as a shield), and Tiger (extra coins in attacks).

Although they are being achieved progressively, they are a more than interesting incentive to keep track of our progress and continue to want to advance as a village. And of course, they will make our development in the game much easier, since we can take advantage of the special powers that I just mentioned.

Exchange cards for free spins

The cards are a great mystery in Coin Master, and it is that until a while, you do not realize their true importance in the game.

But yes, indeed, they are more important than they may seem. And is that you can exchange duplicate cards for chests with free spins. Not always, yes, but generally, they will give you.

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And if you don’t get spins, they will be coins, which will actually also give you millions or hundreds of thousands of coins for every collection you complete in the game. As you can see, you do not have to miss the opportunity to collect them.

An important fact: each card has a special importance depending on its number of stars. The more stars a card has, the rarer and more valued it will be. Keep this in mind for when you go to make exchanges with other players and do not be fooled.

In fact, there are the golden cards which are the rarest and most valuable in the game, so if you get one in a chest, keep it as a great treasure.

Be part of an incredible team

Unlock Teams Feature in Coin Master

Although at first it seems that in Coin Master you are alone, this will improve over time.

From village 10 you will unlock the Teams, with which you can chat with other players and make interesting exchanges. The highlight: exchanging cards and, even better, sending each other free spins every day.

It’s a feature that has been added relatively recently but is generating a lot of interest from players, so we encourage you to create your own group or team, or join an existing one to unleash its full potential.

Open chests with succulent rewards

Did you know that in Coin Master there is a huge variety of chests?

These chests will help you get millions of coins, since When you complete card collections, they give you huge rewards. It will depend on how difficult it is to complete a collection, but as a general rule you are sure to be satisfied with the award.

Therefore, one of the best strategies you can follow to quickly build in your villages, is to open as many chests as you can.

They give you chests when advancing from village, in some rounds, and with the reward calendar which is unlocked in village 11. And, of course, if you want to buy them you also have the possibility.

When to feed your pet

When you have many accumulated rolls, it is time to feed your pet. Or you can also think the opposite: Feed your pet only when you have many accumulated rolls.

Why? Very simple: this way we make sure that we have the maximum probability that we use our pet, be it Foxy or Tigre.

How to feed your pet Coin Master

Let’s imagine we have only 10 spins and feed Foxy. But we don’t get any rounds in those rolls. What do we do now? Well nothing. Wait until they give us another free snack tomorrow and try again, because the pet only lasts active about 15 minutes (if we do not want to pay).

However, if we wait to have 100 free spins, for example, then we can almost certainly use our pet, since in those 15 minutes that it is available we will be able to shoot a lot of times. Rare is that you do not touch several rounds and take advantage of their power in some of them

Don’t save coins, use them all

We all like to save and see in our coin counter as many millions as possible.

However, saving is not a good strategy in Coin Master, since so that they do not steal them in the assaults, better to use them. It is true that we can always be attacked and some construction destroyed, but at least we will make sure that with them we are safe, and they will steal little from us.

Put yourself in the shoes of that player who has had to storm a village, and suddenly he sees that his opponent does not have a million loot coins. Well, that opponent has to be you.

Win in special tournaments

Every so often there is tournaments where they give succulent rewards if you are in the top 10. These can be accessed quickly from the top right of the slot machine: typically, you will be credited with points when you make attacks or get at least one prize from the hammer.

4,100 accumulated spins

The more you accumulate, the greater the reward. Ideally, as you can imagine, is that you touch the three boxes of the same, since its value will multiply.

However, if you are not among the top 10 players in the tournament, don’t worry as the consolation prize is 1 million coins. It is worth at least participating, as you do not lose anything.

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