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Coin Master Doesn’t Pass Loading Screen: How To Fix It – Droidcops

Yes Coin Master does not go past the loading screen due to internet connection problems, you are in the correct tutorial. I’m going to show you how to solve this typical problem that many users usually run into.

How to fix lost connection in Coin Master

In the event that you have downloaded or updated the app on your mobile, but it does not load correctly because there is a Lost Connection, the steps you must follow are the following:

  • Exit the game, and delete the app among the applications running in the background. Although it will depend on your mobile, it is usually by pressing one of the three buttons on the bottom menu of your screen.
  • If when you reopen the app it still gives an error, go to the section of Settings> App or Applications, and within this option, find and click on the Coin Master app, which will appear listed among others (usually they will be ordered in alphabetical order).
  • Click on the button Memory> Clear cache. In this way we will ensure that the data that the game had associated with us will be erased. I recommend before you link your Coin Master account to Facebook in case your progress is lost (you can easily do it from the game itself).
  • If clearing the cache doesn’t work for you either, go back to the section from before where you cleaned it, and now click on Application or app information, and click on Memory> Clear memory. Again, I recommend that you have the Coin Master account already associated with your Facebook, so that could happen.

One last tip if this doesn’t work either: try deactivate the WiFi of your mobile and test only with your mobile data. Perhaps the problem is that your WiFi does not reach your room properly or that it is failing right now.

What to do if Coin Master closes on its own

If the game closes on its own unexpectedly or freezes, then the problem does not come from your Internet connection, but from the capacity and power of your mobile device.

In that case, we recommend improve mobile storage by deleting other apps that you don’t use or photos and videos that you don’t want. Having the mobile disorganized, and with many junk files that we do not use at all later, makes the loading of important apps slow down, causing unexpected closings.

In the event that your entire mobile is in complete chaos, you can try to restore your mobile from the factory, taking into account that you will lose all the data that you have not previously saved. It is vital to make a backup of your contacts, images and videos, and even link your Coin Master account to Facebook so that, when it is factory set, you don’t lose everything.

Finally, another of the best advice I can give you is to contact him Coin Master developer support (In English, if possible. You can use any online translator). They will be the ones who can best tell you if the app is compatible with your mobile model or if there is a more specific solution to solve your case.

What has worked best for you? Have you managed to get the app to load you correctly? Leave us a comment, I’ll be happy to read you.

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