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Clash Quest gameplay
Clash Quest will feature totally new characters - Droidcops 6

Every time we have more details of how Clash Quest will be, the new game from Supercell. In recent weeks, its creators have already shared some fragments of gameplays on their YouTube channel to show us what the dynamics will be like They also reveal that there will be new characters!

What will Clash Quest be like?

Goblin new character Clash Quest
Clash Quest will feature totally new characters - Droidcops 7

Clash Quest will be a tactic game, with a mechanics similar to Clash Royale or Clash of Clans. Everything will happen in an archipelago made up of several islands. Fortunately, it is most likely that we will meet again with characters that are already familiar to us, like the Barbarian, the Prince or the archers. The way of fighting and the operation of the troops will be similar to other games in the Supercell universe.

From what we know so far, each battle will be divided into different stages. You will start with a specific number of troops in your army and if you run out of troops you lose the game. In addition, you will have the possibility to strengthen yourself, adding more units to your army. To get it you will have to explore the archipelago. If you manage to form large combinations of the same troop, you will receive rewards that will help you win the battle.

New characters

According to the creators of Clash Quest, the game characters will be based on those that already exist in the Supercell universe, they will simply introduce new challenges and give them another aesthetic.

But nevertheless, there is something totally new: “the bosses”. Until now, in none of the Clash games have we encountered villains, the “bosses” will be giant characters, with specific skills that we will have to face in battles. We leave you here the new Clash Quest video in which they introduce us to one of these bosses, a giant goblin:

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