Clash of Clans llegaria a otras plataformas

Clash of Clans could soon expand to computers and consoles – Droidcops

A week ago, Supercell was announcing the opening your first studio games in North America. The announcement came from the veteran Ryan wener, who was in charge as general manager of that study. His vision is to renew with great ideas, to create new games you don’t expect from Supercell.

One of the best known titles of the company is Clash of Clans, which was born 9 years ago. Although it is not the most popular today, it led to the arrival of other gems such as Clash Royale or the recent Clash Mini. It maintains a large active community, with millions of users, and still has a lot to offer.

With the opening of the new studio, everything indicates that we will see the games of this developer, brought to different platforms. At least, that’s how Ryan Wener lets you see it through his blog. And why not ?, Clash of Clans may be the game with which they would make history again.

The possibilities offered by the new study

As the studio begins hiring developers to be part of its team, exact plans are not yet on the table. However, it seems that the focus is on offer new experiences for multiplatform titles, moving from mobile phones to consoles and computers.

“We are establishing this new team to pursue a specific goal: to gather and enable the best talent in North America to develop what follows on any platform, not just mobile. We want to build ambitious games that gamers don’t expect from Supercell »

Some of what Ryan Wener, NA Study General Manager, Says

His recruiting position has been very detailed, where he sets out his vision and expectations for the future. It seems that Supercell is open to any idea at this time, with the intention of renewing the experience it offers to its players.

What does that mean for Clash of Clans?

Supercell has always focused on popular mobile titles, so its inclusion in new platforms opens the doors to more demanding games. Even so, Clash of Clans would be the most significant debut for its history within the company and for the mechanics it offers.

The interesting thing is that this proposal can capture a new set of fans, welcoming those who play exclusively on computers and consoles. Even if no official confirmation dateWe are sure that a cross-platform version of Clash of Clans would be very well received.

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