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Clash Minute Episode 8: Quests and Mini Collections – Droidcops

Again through a clip on the main channel of Clash Quest on YouTube we are presented with another preview of the video game. On this occasion the manager shares with us what the missions are about and what the Mini Collections are about. In the case of missions, we are told about these as a system that will give the player challenges to complete daily. Likewise, this will allow new Minis to be obtained and at the same time the player’s deck is much more diversified.

For their part, they also explained in the clip that the collections will be updated, more specifically the collection page. That is, the idea they want is to develop a page in which both the unlocked minis and the heroes can be viewed. Likewise, on that same page you will be able to see and know much better the stats and specs for each character. Being more precise, it will allow the player to evaluate and study the improvements of style and power in general.

Finally, we were told about how to unlock the new Minis. This will be done by completing each of the missions while walking and experiencing a new path. In the same way, it will be possible by obtaining a copy of the Mini, this, in the case of a star. If you want two stars, it will be two copies and if you want three stars, it will be three copies of the same unlocked mini. At the end of the clip it was also said that now you can customize page dand start, you can apply your favorite skins to jump into battle.

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