Pemerintah Cina Blokir Steam Versi Global

Chinese Government Blocks Global Version of Steam

Droidcops.COMSteam’s presence in China has become a very interesting topic of conversation, especially in the last few months. Although the global version of Steam has been available for a long time, the Chinese government does not approve it, which means Steam’s presence in the country can be revoked at any time.

Earlier this year Valve even attempted to release a special Steam version that was approved by the Beijing government, of course with limited license game titles. Some of the rules that limit it are games that give rise to blood or gambling activities.

However, there are a number of reports received by, which state that the Global version of Steam has been blacklisted, blocked or Blacklisted by the Chinese government, and is no longer accessible. This blocking also impacts the Steam app client as well as the Steam community page. While the Chinese version of Steam seems to still be running smoothly.

The report has not been officially confirmed by Steam or the Chinese government itself, until this news was revealed. While there are other users in China who report that they can still access the global version of Steam.

With the lack of available information, it is not clear what is the main cause of the problem of blocking the global version of Steam by the Chinese government. Some related parties say that this is just a problem caused by an attack on the DNS Cache, and it is claimed that after the attack ends, the global version of Steam will be accessible again. Even if the end of the attack is not yet certain.

The Chinese government also did not provide any comments regarding this matter at all. Blocking access to the global version of Steam’s storefront also has far-reaching consequences for Chinese citizens who have invested their money to buy games from Steam.

There’s also no more concrete solution, except that it involves using a VPN to get through the block to access the global version of Steam. Even then, you have to risk an unstable user experience, because the VPN network always has obstacles.

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