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Buying Tips and How to Care for a Washing Machine to Last | Droidcops

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As an electronic device, washing machines certainly have a service life where the service life is very dependent on various factors, both internal and external.

Internal factors are usually from price and quality, while external factors are usually from the way of use and environmental conditions of the house. The durability of the washing machine cannot be separated from these two things, for that, you need to be careful before buying.

Tips for Buying a Washing Machine

Modern washing machines currently circulating are claimed to last about 5 years because the average vendor provides a motor warranty of up to 5 years.

However, for expensive washing machines, there are vendors who offer a guarantee of up to 10 years. If cared for properly, washing machines can indeed last much longer.

Interestingly, old washing machines can actually last much longer, some even reach 30 years, because old washing machines generally have components made of steel.

As for the modern washing machines currently circulating, from the body to the interior, many use plastic materials.

This of course is quite influential on the durability of the washing machine. For old washing machine products, they are often given a lifetime warranty because of the guarantee of durability. Consequently, the price of old washing machines is much more expensive and does not reach all circles.

If many vendors provide motorbike guarantees of up to 5 years, in fact many consumers claim that their washing machines start having problems when they reach 3 years.

There are just parts of the washing machine that don’t work properly. Usually the vendor provides a full warranty at no cost for the first 1 year.

For the following year it is usually only for certain parts and especially for motor parts. If it’s the motor that is the problem, then you can still get free service or even a replacement if it’s still within the warranty period.

But if the damage is on other parts then of course you have to spend to buy new spare parts.

In order for a washing machine to last, there are several factors that influence it. In addition to considering the price, brand and service center network, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following things before buying a washing machine.

1. Check the Washing Machine Tube

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The washing machine tubing material can be made of plastic, enamel, or stainless steel. The best tube material is stainless steel because this material is proven to be the most durable and resistant to high-speed rotation.

However, if you do choose a washing machine with a plastic tube, this can also be considered because this material is more durable than enamel material which is easier to rust.

2. Choose a washing machine with a program that suits your needs

durable washing machinePhoto: consumerreports.org

The many programs offered by modern washing machines today need to be addressed more carefully. The more complex the programming of a washing machine, the greater the risk of damage.

Therefore, make sure that the choice of programs offered by a washing machine is indeed according to needs.

Usually the more sophisticated the washing machine, the fewer buttons are provided because vendors realize that the fewer buttons included will minimize the damage that can occur due to incorrect operation.

3. Choose a Washing Machine with the Error Code Feature

durable washing machinePhoto: justanswer.com

The error code feature is very useful to find out the damage that has occurred in the washing machine because this feature will display a certain code on the digital screen on the washing machine panel to tell what damage has occurred.

For example, the fault code on the washing machine door is E2 for Sharp washing machines, E40 for Elextrolux washing machines, and dE for LG washing machines.

How to care for a washing machine to last

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To keep the washing machine working optimally and its life long, you should pay close attention to how to use it. With proper operation, the washing machine will avoid damage.

With regular and proper maintenance, you can certainly extend the life of your washing machine and of course reduce service costs. Here are some ways to care for your washing machine to keep it durable:

1. Use Special Washing Machine Detergent

Use the correct detergent and water according to the instructions for use. Currently in the store, there are many types of detergents for washing machines that have been adapted to the type of washing machine.

From powder and liquid types are available for top opening and front opening. Usually, detergents for washing machines have a lower foam than detergents for washing by scrubbing.

This is because too much foam can cause dirt and scale that has the potential to damage the electronic components in the washing machine.

It is better to avoid detergents from the home industry that do not match the chemical composition and you can buy detergents from reputable manufacturers because they usually have quality control, low foam, clear chemical composition, strong cleaning power, environmentally friendly and have anti-scale engine features.

2. Clean the Washing Machine Regularly

Clean the washing machine regularly even if the washing machine has not displayed the command to wash the tub. You can clean the soap holder, exhaust duct and body of the washing machine because by cleaning, of course, dirt will not accumulate.

It’s also better to dry the tub after washing because a damp washing machine will increase the risk of germs building up and making clothes smelly. Clean the area with water regularly so it doesn’t get mossy.

Clean the inside of the machine with a detergent mixed with chlorine and then run the machine until one wash cycle is complete. Washing machine filters should be cleaned at least once a week.

3. Avoid Opening The Door When The Washing Machine Is On

Avoid opening doors or inserting objects into the machine while the machine is running. In addition to forcibly turning off the engine, this behavior will more quickly damage the dynamo and also the rotating engine.

4. Avoid Spraying the Washing Machine Panel

Do not spray water on the control panel if you do not want to short circuit the washing machine. Also, if the timer on the machine is still rotating, remember to always turn it to the right.

5. Adjust Your Washing Settings

Avoid using the same program settings for all types of clothing. Although there are regular or automatic settings, if there is an option that is tailored to the type of clothes to be washed, you should choose that setting.

In addition to the washing machine can work optimally, your clothes can also be more durable and cleaner.

6. Unplug the Cable After Washing

Always turn off the machine and unplug the kabul from the power outlet after the machine is finished. Do not leave clothes that have been washed in the washing machine for too long because the clothes will smell again and you will have to wash them again.

Factors Affecting Washing Machine Age

durable washing machinePhoto: webful.us

Actually, what criteria must be met by a washing machine so that it can be considered durable? Of course, it is the age that can last a long time where for a long time the washing machine can still operate properly, just like when it was first used.

No disturbances or errors occurred and of course there were no problems during the washing process. Usually washing machines from trusted brands and much sought after by consumers are washing machines that are relatively durable.

The term there is a price there is also a very influential where the more expensive the price of the washing machine, of course the quality is better and of course more durable because we can be sure that the washing machine is made with better and quality materials.

However, if you really want to find a washing machine with a more affordable but quality price, you can compare the features it has and read reviews from the internet about your target washing machine.

The life of a washing machine depends on many factors. In addition to factors from the vendors themselves, of course, from the way consumers use the washing machine and the most important thing is the frequency of using the washing machine.

1. Read the Manual

Read the manual carefully and install the washing machine properly. With the correct installation, the washing machine will work properly and avoid problems and errors.

With improper installation, there can be a risk of electric shock, especially if the presence of water will worsen the condition of electric shock. So this is the most important thing and must be considered when installing the washing machine for the first time.

2. Washing Machine Placement

The location of the washing machine is also quite influential on the durability of the washing machine. The washing machine must be placed on a flat surface and protected from standing water and direct sunlight because the electrical panels in the washing machine are prone to splashing water.

Direct sunlight can damage the body of the washing machine. Make sure the ventilation on the washing machine is not closed so that the washing machine temperature remains stable during work. Make sure there is space on the back and sides of the washing machine, do not push the machine against the wall.

3. Do not exceed the capacity of the washing machine

The number of clothes washed must also be adjusted because with the right amount the washing machine can work optimally and the machine is not burdened.

Pay attention to the amount and type of detergent used because this also determines the performance of the washing machine which will affect the durability of the machine.

4. Washing Frequency

The frequency of washing also affects the age of the washing machine where the more often it is used, of course, the washing machine becomes less durable.

Most cheap washing machines are designed to be used 600 – 1000 times so that if the washing machine is used 6 times a week, the age of the washing machine will only last for 2 – 3 years.

However, a washing machine that is rarely used also does not guarantee that it will be more durable because the most important thing to maintain durability is to regularly take care of it from the outside and from the inside.

Causes of Washing Machines Not Durable

broken washing machinePhoto: deappliancefix.com

The average washing machine that breaks down quickly is a washing machine that is cheap and used without paying attention to the recommended usage rules.

Consumers now usually want the best washing machine but at a low price, which is something that is quite difficult for manufacturers to fulfill.

However, because the demand for the best washing machines at low prices is very large, manufacturers will fulfill it by producing washing machines with low-quality machines and materials in various types of washing machines to reduce prices.

A good washing machine, of course, must use good materials and machines. Because consumer demand is a washing machine with a low price, fast spin speed, large capacity and the best features, manufacturers will fulfill it by using materials that are adjusted to the price, which of course is of very poor quality.

As a result, of course, the washing machine gets damaged and wears out quickly because it is forced to work hard but with the actual machine specifications that don’t match.

Well, I hope you can use this article as a guide before buying a washing machine and how to care for it after you buy, yes. Don’t forget to always choose the best!

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