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Brawl Stars has a Brawler that escaped from all balances in 2021 – Frontal Gamer

To date, Brawl Stars has a diverse collection of characters, each with unique abilities. There is always a Brawler capable of countering the abilities of another, and therefore the development team must stabilize the meta without ignoring any. The buffs and nerfs, are part of these mechanics.

However, there is one in particular that has not been touched during any of the adjustments throughout 2021, a year that is already close to ending. Is about one of the children with a murderous profile more elusive and effective, earning great merit at the altar of stability. And that’s despite being quite powerful.

Leon: the untouchable Brawler

Leon Brawl Stars

The famous young man in the green hood has been the only Brawler from Brawl Stars who got rid of all buffs and nerfs tweaks this whole year. Perhaps the only one who shares this credit is newcomer Grom, who has become one of the strongest characters in the game.

His character as a meta is very marked and his assassin profile places him alongside other powerful Brawlers like Edgar or Mortis. He is a character with high capacity, who can be made invisible to carry out their attacks in unforeseen ways.

Nita’s brother has managed to escape from all the balances of power this year, even as the implemented power for other characters increased a lot. His improvements may have been minimal in some Brawlers, as is the case with Griff in his stellar abilities. But it is that with Leon no adjustment has been necessary.

We cannot affirm that Leon is currently the strongest character within Brawl Stars, nor the most used in world competitions. But there is no doubt that it is still one of those that takes advantage of the most complete pack, both in Stars Powers and gadgets.

While Grom breaks through with his ability to smash opponents in direct attack, Leon remains the master to knock out thanks to its invisibility. We expect him to remain undefeated on this balance of power streak through 2022.

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