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Best Weapon In Archero: COMPARISON Of The Main

Archero, the survival game, offers a wide range of weapons within its far attack dynamics. This game remains in the forefront thanks to that and it is that it adds new weapons in each update.

Wide variety of Archero weapons

Below we will list your options when trying this game and which ones are the worst and best when it comes to moving forward. Scoring from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best score and 1 the worst.

We will base this on his stats and versatility, taking into account the available attack and special characteristics.

Demon blade

The demon blade is a curved saber with good attack stats, it is a bit slower than the bow to fire. But nevertheless, its speed is compensated because it is used for close attacks.

Demon blade two types of attack Archero

It offers a slightly wider area of ​​attack attack because it shoots waves, making it cover more area of ​​impact than the bow, for example.

As for special characteristics, it has several very interesting ones:

  • It is more powerful against strong enemies, which makes it special against bosses.
  • You’re immune to collision damage, basically because you swipe when they see them coming.
  • You can restore ps from low level enemies.
  • Base attack: 8 (high attack)
  • Attack speed: 4 (it’s as slow as the boomerang)
  • Versatility: 10 (gives too many options that don’t interrupt damage)
  • Special features: 8

The final weapon score is 7.5It’s a novelty from the Archero armory that players aren’t used to yet, but we thought it was great.


A throwing weapon with the special ability to bounce so its base damage is repeated. His attack is average, he does not stand out. Like the bow, it is useless at close range.

Multi-attack with the Archero boomerang

More than just mobility, the rebounding ability that comes with the weapon and replaying monster and wall rebounding abilities that you can add allows even cover the whole ground with attacks.

  • Base attack: 8 (Average Attack x2)
  • Base Attack Speed: 4 (a little slow)
  • Versatility: 8 (average because it allows greater mobility)
  • Special feature: 7

The final score is 6.75 points. Not bad, although it is not the public’s favorite in our personal opinion. Because it allows angles and the attack continues for a long time while you move.


With a slightly remarkable attack and a speed that does not shine among weapons, the staff at first glance would seem like a bad option. But nevertheless, its special feature is to make tracking shots.

The Archero Tracker Shot Staff

The low speed of the shots and the low attack do that this characteristic is not very good, but the surprise is the multi-shots and the bouncing shots. By adding both instead of having gunshots all over the place you can focus it.

So you can do a lot of damage in one go, which makes the staff a very good option for experienced players.

  • Base attack: 5 (it’s an average attack)
  • Attack speed: 3 (it’s slow)
  • Versatility: 7 (has a large impact area and its tracking makes it interesting to use)
  • Special features: 8

This weapon should score a 4, however we will raise the average to 6 because if you’re lucky with the right skills you can do a lot of damage.

Shining Spear

The shiny spear is one of the best weapons in attack. Its impact zone, although large in damage, is as small as that of an arrow. Of course, has no close attack.

The glowing spear has a powerful Archero attack

He has the ability to land an extra attack every now and then but honestly not enough to give him a good score for that alone. It goes very well combined with elemental and multi-shot damage.

It is relatively fast, the truth is that it is a difficult weapon to handle if you are a newbie It doesn’t offer too many options.

  • Base attack: 8 (has good attack)
  • Attack speed: 8 (it’s fast compared to average)
  • Versatility: 3 (Unfortunately it doesn’t have too many gameplay options)
  • Special features: 5 (on average just because it can get you out of trouble)

This weapon has an average of 6. The truth is that it is only for top players, it is difficult to use for those who prefer options.

Scythe of death

In short, the scythe of death is not the fastest or strongest weapon, especially if you compare it with the saw blade or the demonic blade. Provides a larger hitting area than other weapons, slightly more than the boomerang.

Although in the description it does not say it through its use you will discover that has a high critical percentage. Which in fact makes her very good at controlling monster waves by leaving planning time.

The glowing spear has a powerful Archero attack

Apart from the aforementioned, it does not provide a unique feature such as the boomerang or the demon blade. On the other hand, both visually and testing it in the game, it seems to be quite effective.

  • Base attack: 4 (low attack)
  • Attack speed: 4 (it is slower than average)
  • Versatility: 5 (takes half the points for crowd control ability)
  • Special features:

The final score of this weapon is 5.5, we add a point for its very high critic.

Saw blade

The saw blade is the fastest weapon in the game but with the least attack. Which means that your damage per second will be very high if you add speed with talents while beating levels.

Saw blade provides Archero speed and precision

Its impact area is short compared to the demon blade that makes a wave. But as already said, it makes up for it with its speed.

As for the options, since it has a lot of damage per second, the first monsters that appear in the level will die quickly. Thanks to the rapid suppression of the first creatures it will be a good starting weapon.

  • Base attack: 3 (of the lowest weapons attacks)
  • Attack speed: 8 (it is the fastest weapon of all)
  • Versatility: 5 (takes half the points because it does not give options at close range but makes up for it with speed)
  • Special features:

This weapon is carried has a 5Although some players like it and find it very useful for leveling up.

Brave Bow

We start with the Valiant bow, the main basic weapon. It has no special ability.

archero's flagship weapon

Its attack is compared to other ranged weapons like the boomerang. That is, it is neither too low nor too high, so it falls within an acceptable range. Which makes it a good starting weapon.

It has no special features, and is sadly limited to only ranged attack which leaves your hero defenseless at close range.

  • Base attack: 5 (Average Attack)
  • Base Attack Speed: 5 (average speed)
  • Versatility: 3 (does not have)
  • Special feature:

The final score is 4 points. However, it is the symbol of Archero and is the most balanced weapon.

Which of these weapons is the best?

The truth, although our personal option is the boomerang because we are one of the players who seeks efficiency instead of mobility. The best weapon of the main ones is definitely the demonic blade.

The demonic blade best weapon archero Archero

First of all because of the ranged and close attack options, secondly because of the variety of special characteristics it possesses.

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