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Barbarian King: Meet its improved page and user interface – Droidcops

Once again, through the official Clash Mini account, exciting advances about the video game are announced to us. On this occasion, it was shared through a post on what the Clash Mini developers have been working on. Everything indicates that they have focused on improving improve the interface, specifically the user interface. Also, by means of a small clip they show us that they have spent time on the hero page.

In this sense, it is necessary to mention that in the short video it is possible to appreciate the character in the first instance along with the level and the unlocked percentage bar. In addition, three boxes are shown in the lower section where the “iron fits”, the “born leader” and the “stamina” are reflected. In the same way, when passing the tab, five rectangles describing the characteristics with which the character has.

Among them is the damage per hit, the hit per second, the maximum energy that Barbarian King has. Likewise, the last two rectangles show the health level and the initial energy that the character has. Now, in terms of numbers, the Barbarian King has 1 hit damage, 0.75 seconds per hit and 8 maximum energy. As for the health level is 13 while the initial energy is 0.

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